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Dr Junning Chen

Team Members

  ​​Current Members

Dr Keke Zheng (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Dr. Keke Zheng is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the department of engineering. Keke completed his PhD on investigating the bone remodeling process behind maxillofacial biomechanics at the University of Sydney. Following his PhD, Keke continued as a postdoctoral research associate at the department of Biomedical Engineering with major interests in computational tissue biomechanics and computational mechanobiology in prothesis design and regenerative medicine.

His research involves medical image processing, reverse engineering, finite element modelling, programming for customised partial differential equations, material constitutive model development and structure optimisation. His current project focuses on the biomechanical-effects of fibrous micro-architecture of cartilage and correlation to its functionality, including collagen fibers quantification, constitutive model development and multiscale mechanical behaviour correlation. 



Eve Nebbiolo (PhD Student) 

My research is looking into the effects of ageing on the osteochondral interface. As we age, the cartilage adjacent to bone tends to become mineralised, which changes the biomechanics of the tissues. My main interest is in the cartilaginous endplate (CEP) of the spine, which is the interface between the boney vertebral body (VB), and the soft intervertebral disc. The osteocyte canalicular network (OCN) in bone is a feature which is an indicator of bone health and remodelling, and my research is quantifying this feature in the VBs and seeing how it changes as the CEP mineralises throughout life.

My other interests include how the collagen structure changes with ageing, and the effects of inflammation on the microscopic tissue structure!

Jingrui Hu (PhD Student)

My research is primarily focused on the biomechanics of the knee joint. Currently, I am engaged in the research of ‘Ultrastructural Changes of Articular Cartilage induced by Ageing and Osteoarthritis’. The recent development of nonlinear optical imaging (Second Harmonic Generation) has revealed the intricate ultrastructural organisation in soft tissues on a sub-diffraction limit scale, which is believed to determine their mechanical properties critical to normal physiological functions and disturbed in many diseases and degeneration.

At the meantime, I'm investigating the biomechanical effects of knee revision surgery on tibia. The bone conditions and the functionality of bone-implant unit can be linked to evaluating its mechanics ability, by using finite element analysis (FEA). Furthermore, with virtual surgery made available with FEA, it is possible to evaluate different treatment options on the same patient profile.


Junning Chen (Tea Boy)

This guy is in charge of serving tea and organising fun activities in the group.There has been too much information about him on the profile page. 


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