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Photo of Dr Ievgeniia Kovalska

Dr Ievgeniia Kovalska

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dr. Kovalska’s research interests span from the synthesis and studying of 2D materials (specifically carbon-based) to the engineering of the integrated 2D-hybrid (bio)electronic-photonic devices for application in communications, energy harvesting, wearable electronics and biochemical sensing.

Dr. Ievgeniia Kovalska received the PhD degree in Chemistry in specialty Physics and Chemistry of Surface at Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry in Ukraine (2013). During her PhD she was working on carbon nanotubes investigations – synthesis, modification, and applications. In 2014 she was awarded research fellowship (3 years) from TUBITAK (Turkish Academy of Science) to pursue the Postdoctoral research project on controlling optical properties of graphene by chemical doping, patterning graphene and its application for new optoelectronic devices. She became an expert in graphene – from its synthesis to implementations. In November 2017 Dr. Kovalska joined College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow where she launched two projects on the development of graphene-based sensing systems and engineering of wearable 2D materials-based optical modulators.