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Photo of Dr David Moxey

Dr David Moxey

Senior Lecturer in Engineering (E&R)


Telephone: 01392 724764

Extension: (Streatham) 4764

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I am a senior lecturer in engineering in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, having been appointed in early 2017. Previously, I worked as a research fellow in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London, and I hold a Ph.D. and M.Math. in mathematics from the University of Warwick.

My research interests lie primarily in the field of computational fluid dynamics, but are generally highly interdisciplinary. I am interested in problems lying at the intersection of computational engineering, applied mathematics and high performance computing, and how we can leverage computational mechanics to solve challenging problems in engineering and the physical sciences.

Currently, my goals focus around understanding fluid turbulence; specifically, how steady laminar flows transition to this chaotic state and how this impacts on real-world problems in the aeronautics industry. To achieve this, I am a leader of the Nektar++ project, an efficient, robust and massively parallel framework for the high-order spectral element software. Together with modern computing technology, my research aims to show how the spectral element method can overcome current bottlenecks in present-day numerical methods, in order to form the next generation of computational flow simulations.

Working with me

I'm always on the look out for strong candidates for Ph.D. and postdoctoral projects, either in topics related to my core research themes, or that are suitable for specific advertisements. Get in touch with a full CV if you're interested in working on one of my projects/research themes.

More information

For more information on my research, publications and talks, you can check out my personal website, or a recent profile from CFMS where I talk about my research.