Dr Anna Baldycheva

Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Electronic Engineering


Telephone: 01392 722796

Extension: (Streatham) 2796

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Dr. Baldycheva’s research group works in the areas of 2D Materials, Si Photonics and Microfluidics. The research interests span from the development of the new 2D material based layered and liquid crystal composites to the engineering of the integrated 2D-Si hybrid electronic-photonic devices for application in communications, energy harvesting, and bio-chemical sensing. We aim to explore new functional capabilities of Si based microsystems achieved through the integration of the novel 2D materials on chip. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, with members carrying out all stages of research – from design, fabrication and microscopy characterisation to application and device testing.


Dr. Anna Baldycheva received the B.Sc. degree with Honors from Physics Faculty  at St. Petersburg State University. In 2008, she was awarded prestigious research fellowship from ICGEE (Irish Research Council) to pursue the Ph.D. research project in Nano- and Micro Si Photonics at University of Dublin, Trinity College. During her PhD she was already leading an independant research project at Tyndall National Institute as a principal investigator of the research grant funded by Science Foundation Ireland. After completion of her PhD in 2012, she joined RLE and MTL at MIT as a Post-Doc with Prof Mike Watts. In November 2014 she moved to UK to take on a position as an assistant professor at University of Exeter.

Since 2009 Dr. Baldycheva has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers and conference proceedings. She is a frequent reviewer for high-ranking optical journals Optics Express, Optics Express Materials, Optics Letters, Optics Materials, Applied Optics, IEEE Lightwave Technology Journal, and IEEE Photonics Technology Letters. She is also a member of SPIE, Women in Optics, Optical Society of America (OSA),  European Microscopy Society (EMS), Royal Microsopy Society (RMS) and Microscopy Society of Ireland (MSI). Prof Baldycheva is an associate editor of the Nature Scientific Reports and is serving on board of the Royal Microscopy Society Engineering Section.