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Engineering staff

Here we feature profiles of staff members from Engineering. Please refer to the College Professional Services staff list for Professional Services staff.

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Academic staff

Dr Konstantinos Agathos Lecturer
Dr Mohammad Akrami Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering (PhD, FHEA, PMP)
Dr Halim Alwi Senior Lecturer
Professor Mustafa Aziz Associate Professor in Electromagnetism
Dr Anna Baldycheva Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Electronic Engineering
Hannah Barnard Associate Lecturer in Natural Sciences and Postgraduate Researcher
Professor Mike Belmont Professor in Marine Dynamics
Professor James Brownjohn Professor of Structural Dynamics
Professor David Butler FREng Head of Engineering
Dr Sean Carroll Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering
Professor Albert S. Chen Associate Professor of Water and the Human Environment
Dr Junning Chen Senior Lecturer - Bioengineering (E&R)
Avalon Cory Lecturer in Design and PBL
Dr Corrina Cory Senior Lecturer in Engineering and Entrepreneurship
Professor Monica Craciun Professor in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Dr Mahdieh Dibaj Lecturer in Engineering Management
Professor Slobodan Djordjevic Professor of Hydraulic Engineering
Dr Kate Dunne Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Matt Eames Senior Lecturer
Professor Christopher Edwards Professor in Control Engineering
Professor Ken Evans Professor of Materials Engineering
Professor Raziyeh Farmani Professor of Water Engineering
Professor Guangtao Fu Professor of Water Intelligence
Dr Ahmad Galadanci Lecturer in Civil & Structural Engineering (E&
Professor Oana Ghita Professor in Materials and Manufacturing and Co-Director of Exeter Technologies Group
Dr Ehsan Gholamalizadeh Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Dr Naihui He Lecturer in Engineering Management
Dr Timothy Holsgrove Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics and Bioengineering
Ceri Howells Lecturer in Engineering & Entrepreneurship
Professor Gino Hrkac Personal Chair in Applied theoretical and computational Solid-State Physics
Professor Akbar Javadi, FICE, CEng Professor of Geotechnical Engineering and Director of Global Development (Engineering)
Professor Lars Johanning Deputy Head of Engineering
Professor Nicola King Associate Dean for Education
Dr Ki Young Koo Senior Lecturer
Dr Prakash Kripakaran Senior Lecturer
Suzannah Laver CoA Manager/ Research Development Manager
Dr Yang Liu Senior Lecturer
Dr Julian Mauricio Londono Monsalve Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering (E&R)
Dr Martino Luis Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Isaac Luxmoore EPSRC-UKRI Innovation Fellow and Senior Lecturer
Professor Maria Rosaria Marsico Associate Professor of Structural Dynamics
Dr Shanika Matharage Lecturer in Smart Grid
Dr Peter Melville-Shreeve Lecturer in Engineering & Entrepreneurship
Professor Fayyaz Ali Memon Professor of Sustainable Water Systems
Dr David Moxey Senior Lecturer in Engineering (E&R)
Professor Geoffrey Nash Director of Natural Sciences
Dr Ana Neves Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering
Dr Anna Katharina Ott Lecturer
Professor Prathyush P Menon Associate Professor
Dr Evangelos Papatheou Lecturer
Professor Aleksandar Pavic Professor of Vibration Engineering
Dr James Pearce Associate Lecturer in Natural Sciences
Dr Hussein Rappel Lecturer in Computation Engineering
Professor Paul Reynolds Professor of Structural Dynamics and Control
Dr Gianmario Rinaldi Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Lalita Saharan Lecturer in Engineering (E&R)
Professor Dragan Savic FREng Professor of Hydroinformatics
Dr Shuhang Shen Lecturer in Smart Grid
Professor Christopher Smith Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Charlie Statham Senior Lecturer (E&S)
Professor Voicu Ion Sucala Deputy Head of Engineering
Professor Gavin Tabor Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics
Dr Mi Tian Lecturer
Dr Raffaele Vinai Lecturer in Civil Engineering
Dr Khurram Wadee Senior Lecturer
Dr Charlie Wand Lecturer in Natural Sciences
Dr Dong Wang Lecturer in Engineering & Entrepreneurship
Professor Zhongdong Wang Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean
Dr Chuang Wen Lecturer in Computational Engineering (E&R)
Professor C. David Wright Professor of Electronic Engineering - Head Nano-Engineering Science and Technology Group - Co-Director EPSRC CDT in Metamaterials - Co-Director Centre for Metamaterials Research & Innovation
Dr Yongde Xia Senior Lecturer in Functional Materials
Professor Philippe Young Synopsys Chair of Computational Mechanics
Dr Baris Yuce Lecturer in Engineering Management (E&R)
Professor David Zhang Professor of Manufacturing Systems
Shaowei Zhang Professor
Dr Shuya Zhong Lecturer in Engineering Management
Professor Yanqiu Zhu Chair of Functional Materials
Professor Meiling Zhu Chair in Mechanical Engineering
Dr Dibin Zhu Senior Lecturer in Energy Harvesting and Power Management
Professor Stana Zivanovic Associate Professor (E&R)

Research staff

Dr Abayomi Abatan Research Fellow
Sam John Abraham M.Phil. Student
Dr Kenneth Afebu Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Sangaralingam Ahilan Research Fellow
Dr Milad Latifi Alavije KTP Associate
Priscila Alves Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Wai Kei (Vincent) Ao Research Fellow
Dr Yat-Yin Au Research Fellow
Dr Kate Baker Research Fellow
Belfrit Victor Batlajery Industrial Research Fellow
Pruthviraj Nagaraj Belagal Graduate Research Assistant
Dr Ekaterina Berseneva Honorary Fellow
Dr Josef Bicik Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Sarah Bunney Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Professor Albert S. Chen Associate Professor of Water and the Human Environment
Dr Binling Chen Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Otto Chen Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Yu Chen Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Zheng Jun Chew Research Fellow
Prarthana Vadegadde Dakappa Research Fellow
Steven Daniels Research Fellow
Dr Mohan Dasari Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Richard Davies Senior Research Fellow - AM Programme Lead
Dr Chensen Ding
Parisa Dodangeh Software Engineer
Professor Tim Dodwell Professor in Computational Mechanics
Yujin Du Research Project Manager
Samuel Erland Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Barry Evans Research Fellow
Carlota Ruiz De Galarreta Fanjul Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ben Fourcin Graduate Research Assistant
Dr Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Savvas Germanis Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Michael Gibson Research Fellow
Dr Zoltan J Gombos Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ian Gray Graduate Research Assistant
Dr Senthil Gurusamy Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mark Hobbs Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Steve Hubbard Facilities and Partnership Development Manager
Dr Emma Hudson Research Fellow
Dr Matt Johns Research Fellow
Emily Kelly Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Ahmed Khalil Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Mehdi Khoury Senior Research Fellow
Dr Louise Kimpton Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ievgeniia Kovalska Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Yang Kuang Research Fellow
Brian Lambert Business Research Fellow
Dr Daniel Lash Senior Research Fellow
Edward Laughton Postgraduate Researcher
Gareth Lewis Research Fellow
Dr Yaan Liu Postdoctoral Research Fellow
William Mahoney Technical Research Assistant
Dr Ralph Malein Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Maria Mann
(Thomas) Andrew Mitchell Research Fellow
Dr Mark Morley Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Dr Joshua Myrans Honorary Research Fellow
Anthony Norton Director, Centre for Energy and the Environment
Daniela Lazaro Pacheco
Dr Diego Panici Postdoctoral Research Associate
Raunak Pansare Graduate Research Assistant
Jessica Penny Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Caroline Pouya Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Priestley Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Gianmario Rinaldi Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Mario Gonzalez Romo Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Kyle Roskilly Industrial Impact Fellow
Vikram Rout Graduate Research Assistant CONFLEX (Marie Curie)
Andrew Rowson Research Fellow
Tingwen Ruan Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Seyed M. Sadr Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Lalita Saharan Lecturer in Engineering (E&R)
Dr Luke Savage Senior Research Fellow
Rachael Smith Postgraduate
Dr Brett Snider Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Chris Sweetapple Research Fellow
William Tennent Graduate Research Assistant
Kunyapat Thummavichai Associate Research Fellow
Dr Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia Senior Research Fellow
Liam Vile Postdoctoral Research Associate
Liam Vile Postdoctoral Research Associate
Kieran Walsh
Ying Wang
Dr James Webber Research Fellow
Joseph Wright Graduate Research Assistant
Zhuxian Yang Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Nan Yi
Dr Shan Yin Research Fellow
Dr Sigong Zhang Research Fellow
Dr Zhi Zhang Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Keke Zheng Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Nimmy Mariam Abraham Postgraduate
Kenneth Afebu Postgraduate
Anmar Ibrahim Fadhil Al-Adly
Abdulaziz Alageel
Maha Aldoumani Postgraduate
Cristina Alexandru Postgraduate
Iman Alharsha Postgraduate Researcher
Mohammed Alharthi Postgraduate
Mohammed Almansour
Ibrahim Almoraya
Ousha Alshamsi Postgraduate
Priscila Barros Ramalho Alves Postgraduate Researcher
Kingsley Amadi Postgraduate
Josie Ashe Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Amer Asiri
William Addison- Atkinson Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Faten Ayyash Postgraduate Researcher
Adam Azenic Postgraduate
Edward Baker Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2019)
Hannah Barnard Associate Lecturer in Natural Sciences and Postgraduate Researcher
Raja Sekhar Battu Postgraduate (PhD)
Andrew Bickerdike
Aisawan Chankarn Postgraduate Researcher
Yu Chen Postgraduate
Thomas Clifford
Cleiton Comelli
Ari Cooper-Davis Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Cristina Corti Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Gregory Daly PhD Researcher (SMM CDT)
Richard Davies
Sabrina Draude Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Isabelle Ebisch
Edmond Gabriel Ewah Postgraduate Researcher
Joaquin Faneca Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2016)
Karen Faulkner Postgraduate
William Ferguson Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2016)
David Fortune Postgraduate Researcher
Ben Fourcin Graduate Research Assistant
Dr Mingtao Fu
Danyang Gao Postgraduate Researcher
Liangfu Ge
Emanuele Gemo Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2016)
Tamuno-Omie Samuel Gogo Postgraduate
Márcio Santos Goncalves PhD student
James Graves Postgraduate
Matthew Griffey Postgraduate Researcher (STREAM IDC)
Ben Hamilton Postgraduate Researcher (STREAM IDC)
Daisy Harley-Nyang Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Jess Holland Postgraduate Researcher (QUEX Institute)
Jess Holland
Zheng Huang Postgraduate
Mian Zahid Hussain Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2016)
Salmatta Abiodun Ibrahim Postgraduate Researcher
Jose Alfonso Jimenez Capilla Postgraduate
Yiwen Jin Postgraduate Researcher
Bhavya Joshi Postgraduate Researcher
Stuart Kendall
Prince Khatri Postgraduate
Ahmed Khattab Postgraduate
Eloise Kidner
Dr Louise Kimpton Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Tom Knowles
Vasilis Koukoravas Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Faye Langston Postgraduate
Edward Laughton Postgraduate Researcher
Elizabeth Lawson Postgraduate Researcher (STREAM IDC)
Qiang Li Postgraduate
Haobing Li
Zilin Li Visiting Postgraduate Researcher
Bintian Lin
Harry Liu Postgraduate Researcher
Qinglan Liu Doctoral Student
Zihao Liu Postgraduate
Rongxu Liu Exeter
Siyuan Liu
Adam Lockyer
Naser Musa Al Lozi
Qiyun Lu
Mikkel Bue Lykkegaard Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Fatimah Md Radzai Postgraduate
Philip Mercer Postgraduate
Ibrahim Mizrak
Reza Naseri-Karim-Vand Postgraduate
Eve Nebbiolo
Eirini Nikoloudi Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Fabrice Ntimugura
Nsikak Mitchel Offiong Postgraduate Researcher
Anthony Onwodi
Michael Partridge Postgraduate
Mubarak Patel Postgraduate
Shengwei Pei Postgraduate Researcher
Jess Penny Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Sunil Poudel
David Pryce Postgraduate Researcher (STREAM IDC)
Jorge Pérez-Aracil
Yujiao Qiao
Gopika Rajan Postgraduate Reseracher
Laura Ramsamy Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
David Rivera Tapia Postgraduate
Suliman Rizek
Asmi Rizvi Postgraduate
Mayra Rodriguez Postgraduate Researcher (QUEX Institute)
Samia Saad Postgraduate Researcher
Dr Zakaria Saadi Postdoctoral Research Associate
Sina Safari PhD
Dondu Sarisen Postgraduate Researcher
Debbie Shackleton Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Guansong Shan Postgraduate
Shaikha Al Shehhi
Manal Abubakr Ali Shlebik
Kondwani Simukonda Postgraduate Researcher
Connor Skelland
Rachael Smith Postgraduate
Lesley Smith
Lama Soliman Khaled PhD student
Damian Staszek Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Zhanming Su Postgraduate Researcher
Rana Sabouni Tabari Postgraduate - PhD researcher
Panpan Tang Postgraduate Researcher
Kunyapat Thummavichai Associate Research Fellow
Jiyuan Tian PhD student
Bo Tian
Canan Turan Postgraduate Researcher
Florent Vandekerkoeve Postgraduate
James Vaughan
Paula Arce Vicente Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Liam Vile Postdoctoral Research Associate
Zara Visanji Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Korinus Waimbo Postgraduate Researcher
Xi Wan Postgraduate Researcher
Yuxiao Wang Postgraduate Researcher
Junhao Wang
Zepeng Wang Postgraduate
Zihan Wang
Jingyi Wang
Paul Wills Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)
Dengrunyu Xie
Haonan Yang
Qian Yu
Savas Yuce Postgraduate
Rodrigo Yupanqui Postgraduate Researcher
Ramiz Beig Zali Postgraduate Researcher
Zhi Zhang
Jiajia Zhang Postgraduate
Taojun Zhang
Chao Zhang Visiting Postgraduate Researcher
Fiona Zhang
Nan Zhou Postgraduate Researcher
Xiaojie Zhou Postgraduate Researcher
Babak Zolghadr-Asli Postgraduate Researcher (QUEX Institute)
Huanling Zou Postgraduate

Honorary staff

Dr Atheer F. Al-Anbaki EMPS Visiting Scholar
Professor Ruth Allen Honorary Professor
Professor Yun-Kyu An
Dr Kourosh Behzadian Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Josef Bicik Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Trevor Bishop Honorary Professor
Ozum Calli
Dr Rosie Cobley Honorary University Fellow
John Collum
Professor Tom Davies Emeritus Professor
Professor Christina Doyle Honorary Professor
Professor Orazio Giustolisi Honorary University Fellow
Dr Joseph Grima Honorary Professor
Dr Robert Hodgson Honorary University Fellow
Tom Inglis
Dr James Lau Honorary Research Fellow
Zilin Li Visiting Postgraduate Researcher
Dr Ed Maunder Honorary Fellow
Dr Wayne Miller Honorary University Fellow
Dr Mark Morley Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Paul Moss
Dr Joshua Myrans Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Robert Pond Honorary University Fellow
Neil Radford
Dr Michele Romano Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Steven Senior Honorary Professor & Entreprenuer in Residence for the Royal Society
Yuefeng Shao
Tracey Stark
Professor Zoran Vojinovic Honorary University Professor
Professor Godfrey Walters Professor Emeritus
Professor Xiaochang Wang Honorary Professor
Dr Miying Yang Senior Lecturer in Engineering Management (E&R)
Kit Yardley
Chao Zhang Visiting Postgraduate Researcher
Dr Jinjun Zhou Visiting Research Fellow

Technical Services staff

Dr Peter Armitage Electronics Technician / lab manager
James Bassitt Vibration Engineering Section Lab Manager and V Simulators Senior Experimental Officer
Laura Baxter Infrastructure and Projects Officer
Jordanna Broom Workshop Technician
Dr Hong Chang Imaging Suite Manager / Experimental Officer
Nick Cole Research Engineer
David Colridge Physics - Teaching Laboratories (Technical) and Buildings Facilities Lead
Brendan Corkery
Russell Edge Research Technician
Dr Ellen Green Unit of Activity Manager Biophysics
Martin Guille Mechanical Workshop Technician
Siobhan Kelley Lab Technician
Derek Lambert Electronics Laboratory Technician
Roger Perrett Electronics & Teaching Lab Team Lead
Tracy Reeves Bio/ Nat Sci Subject Lead
George Ricketts Research Technician (CDT 1)
Peter Savage Research Technician CDT (Metamaterials)
Richard Taylor Stores Technician
Paul R Wilkins Group Technician
Adam Woodgate Special Services Technician
Julian Yates Laboratory Technician

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