The following is a record of papers and topics discussed at the weekly reading group meetings. Safe & SuRe members may access the presentations here.

‌‌Reading Group Meeting Presentations - 2018
16/02 Kondwani Simukonda Gradual transition from intermittent to continuous water supply based on multi-criteria optimization for network sector selection
09/02 Katya Pyatkova The road to transport resilience
02/02 Senthil Gurusamy  
26/01 James Webber Fast intervention screening in Melbourne CBD
19/01 Fanlin Meng Risk management vs resilience management
12/01 Sarah Ward Interdisciplinary water & resilience reseasrch at the University of the West of England
‌‌Reading Group Meeting Presentations - 2017
01/12 Kondwani Simukonda Converting from an intermittent to a continuous water supply system: Challenges and opportunities for Lusaka City in Zambia
24/11 Chris Sweetapple A tool for global resilience analysis of water distribution systems
17/11 Sarah Bunney Achieving resilience to extreme events through effective emergency planning
10/11 Alison Prior System interactions of stormwater management using sustainable urban drainage systems and green infrastructure
03/11 Seyed Sadr Exploring critical pathways for urban water management to identify robust strategies under deep uncertainties
27/10 Sangaralingam Ahilan Enhancing future resilience in urban drainage system: Green versus grey infrastructure
20/10 Fanlin Meng Topological attributes of water distribution systems
06/10 Barry Evans  
29/09 Kate Baker UKWIR: Resilience - performance measures, costs and stakeholder communication
14/07 Kondwani Simukonda Causes of water supply intermittency in Lusaka City in Zambia
30/06 Chris Sweetapple Self healing networks: Redundancy and structure
23/06 Peter Melville-Shreeve Analysis of traditional and novel RWH systems throughout the UK
16/06 Seyed Sadr Planning resilient urban waterfronts using adaptive pathways
09/06 Sarah Bunney The emergency planning response to the bombing of Manchester city centre in 1996
02/06 Sangaralingam Ahilan Overcoming uncertainty and barriers to adoption of blue-green infrastructure for urban flood risk management
26/05 Kimberly Bryan Socio-technical transitions in water scarcity contexts: Public acceptance of greywater reuse technologies inthe Metropolitan Area of Barcelona
19/05 James Webber Tools for modelling stormwater management and economics: a review
12/05 Fanlin Meng Universal resilience patterns in complex networks
21/04 Xu Wang Quantifying the environmental sustainability of reusing water pollutants
07/04 Miguel Headley A framework for the quantitative assessment of performance-based system resilience
14/03 Chris Sweetapple ResilSIM - A decision support tool for estimating resilience of urban systems
17/03 Peter Melville-Shreeve  
10/03 Sangaralingam Ahilan The influence of floodplain restoration on flow and sediment dynamics in an urban river
03/03 Sarah Bunney The National Flood Resilience Review
24/02 Lutz Johnen Holistic non-potable water management in commercial buildings
17/02 Kimberly Bryan Public perception of climate risk and adaptation in the UK: A review of the literature
03/02 Mingming Wang Developing a multi-scale modeling system for resilience assessment of green-grey drainage infrastructures under climate change and sea level rise impact
20/01 James Webber Stormwater intervention modelling with cellular automata
13/01 Mohammad Olyaei WWTP reliability and resilience against coastal flooding
06/01 Fanlin Meng Integrated real-time control as a cost-effective compliance strategy for achieving better environmental quality
‌‌Reading Group Meeting Presentations - 2016
16/12 Miguel Headley Risk-based water resources planning in England and Wales: challenges in execution and implementation
09/12 Konstantinos Kakoudakis New resilience index for urban water distribution networks
02/12 Kondwani Simukonda Scenario-based multistage construction of water supply infrastructure
25/11 Chris Sweetapple Islanding the power grid on the transmission level: less connections for more security
18/11 Kimberly Bryan Community SuRe transition
11/11 Peter Melville-Shreeve Big SuDS survey
04/11 Fanlin Meng Resilience/Availability analysis of municipal water distribution system incorporating adaptive pump operation
28/10 Mingming Wang A catchment scale integrated flood resilience index to support decision making in urban flood control design
21/10 Sarah Bunney  
14/10 James Webber Lessons from Novatech 2016, Lyon
07/10 Biniam Ashagre Transforming wastewater treatment to reduce carbon emissions
30/09 Miguel Headley Simulating hedging rules for effective reservoir operation by using system dynamics: a case study of Dez Reservoir, Iran
23/09 Ana Arahuetes Introduction
09/09 Konstantinos Kakoudakis Generic metrics and quantitative approaches for system resilience as a function of time
29/07 Kondwani Simukonda A decision support system for the technical sustainability assessment of water distribution systems
22/07 Sarah Bunney Can UK water service providers manage risk and resilience as part of a multi-agency approach?
15/07 Kimberly Bryan Motivational indicators of protective behaviour in response to urban water shortage threat
08/07 Konstantinos Kakoudakis Resilience assessment of interdependent infrastructure systems: With a focus on joint restoration modelling and analysis
24/06 Peter Melville-Shreeve Rainwater harvesting for drought management and stormwater control in the San Francisco Bay Area
17/06 Chris Sweetapple Multi-phase assessment and adaptation of power systems resilience to natural hazards
10/06 Mehdi Khoury Improving measures of topological robustness in networks of networks and suggestion of a novel way to consider both failure propogation and isolation
03/06 Biniam Ashagre Integration of resilience and sustainability: from theory to application
27/05 James Webber The role of resilience in sustainable urban water management
20/05 Miguel Headley Setting up agricultural water management interventions - learning from successful case studies in the Volta and Limpopo river basins
13/15 Kondwani Simukonda Conversion from intermittent to continuous supply: Challenges and opportunities for Lusaka city in Zambia
06/05 Konstantinos Kakoudakis Resilience and entropy as indices of robustness of water distribution networks
29/04 Peter Melville-Shreeve Property level flood protection: Robust option or last resort?
22/04 Kimberly Bryan Community SuRe transition strategy
15/04 Mingming Wang Introduction of research work
08/04 Chris Sweetapple Adaptation tipping points and opportunities for urban flood risk management
18/03 Kegong Diao Modular interdependency analysis for WDS 
11/03 Sarah Bunney Interorganizational coordination in dynamic context: Networks in emergency response management
04/03 James Webber Built-in resilience: learning from grassroots coping strategies for climate variability
26/02 Miguel Headley Kingston and St. Andrew water resources system
19/02 Kimberly Bryan Trends in reported flooding in the UK: 1838-2013
12/02 Kondwani Simukonda Distribution network assessment using EPANET for intermittent and continuous water supply
05/02 Peter Melville-Shreeve Operational data of the Star City rainwater harvesting system and its role as a climate change adaptation and a social influence
29/01 Kegong Diao Operational resilience: concepts, design and anlysis
22/01 Biniam Ashagre Urban wastewater systems status in fast growing developing economies: The case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
15/01 Arturo Casal-Campos Sustainable water management under future uncertainty with eco-engineering decision scaling
08/01 Fanlin Meng A holistic framework for building critical infrastructure reslience
‌‌Reading Group Meeting Presentations - 2015
18/12 Chris Sweetapple A hybrid model for learning from failure: The Hurricane Katrina disaster
11/12 James Webber Yuansantze Flood Diversion Project
27/11 Sarah Bunney Enhancing organizational resilience through emergency planning: Learnings from cross-sectoral lessons
20/11 Arshan Iqbal Effective use of short range weather forecasting in sewer network operations
13/11 Kimberly Bryan Testing the resilience of water supply systems to long droughts
06/11 Miguel Headley Adaptaive capacity of water governance arrangements: a comparative study of barriers and opportunities in Swiss and US states
30/10 Peter Melville-Shreeve California drought: Is rainwater harvesting the golden ticket?
23/10 Kegong Diao Optimizing complex networks for resilience against cascding failure
16/10 Biniam Ashagre The Fukishima disaster - systemic failures as the lack of resilience
09/10 James Webber Urban flood resilience planning and management and lessons for the future: a case study of Mumbai, India
02/10 Seith Mugume Moving from reliability to resilience-based evaluation of urban drainage infrastructure: A case study of Kampala, Uganda
25/09 Katya Pyatkova Flood impacts on road transportation
18/09 Miguel Headley Towards people-centred approaches for effective disaster risk management: Balancing rhetoric with reality
11/09 Arturo Casal-Campos Reliability, resilience and sustainability: Can we have it all? 
04/09 Konstantinos Kakoudakis Investigation of sustainable and resilient design alternatives for water distribution networks 
31/07 Kimberly Bryan Report on the research and knowledge exchange at National Taiwan University
24/07 Peter Melville-Shreeve How can I be a better innovator? 
17/07 Peter Melville-Shreeve OFWAT resilience consultation discussion
10/07 James Webber Resilience engineering and the built environment
03/07 Chris Sweetapple, Kegong Diao Steering group meeting feedback discussion
26/06 Miguel Headley Using vulnerability and resilience concepts to advance climate change adaptation 
19/06 Seith Mugume Operational models of infrastructure resilience
12/06 Arturo Casal-Campos Progress and recommendations for advancing performance-based sustainable and resilient infrastructure design
29/05 Kegong Diao A framework for vulnerability analysis in sustainability science
22/05 Biniam Ashagre Dynamic licensing: Real-time control
15/05 Chris Sweetapple Time-dependent resilience assessment and improvement of urban infrastructure systems
08/05 Kimberly Bryan A sociotechnical analysis of water user sustainability and resilience in the UK
01/05 Peter Melville-Shreeve Seeking a green light for greywater (Berlin fieldtrip)
24/04 James Webber What can we learn from resilience planning in industry?
17/04 Maryam Imani, Chris Sweetapple Reliability, risk and resilience: exploring the relationships under threats in an integrated framework
27/03 Konstantinos Kakoudakis Factors contributing to pipe failure
20/03 Fanlin Meng The impact of innovative effluent permitting policy on urban wastewater system performance
13/03 Sarah Ward Rights, Representations, Risk & Resilience: where natural, engineered & cultural water systems meet
06/03 Miguel Headley How Safe and SuRe are Caribbean Water Supply Systems?
20/02 Biniam Ashagre Resilience thinking: integrating resilience, adaptability and transformability

Seith Mugume

Integrating risk and resilience approaches to catastrophe management in engineering systems
06/02 Kimberly Bryan Flood loss reduction of private households due to building precautionary measures
30/01 Peter Melville-Shreeve

Operationalising resilience to drought: Multi-layered safety for flooding applied to droughts

23/01 Fanlin Meng Vulnerability and resilience: coalescing or paralleling approaches for sustainability science?
16/01 Arturo Casal-Campos Review of Sustainability Indices and Indicators: Towards a New City Sustainability Index (CSI)
Reading Group Meeting Presentations - 2014
12/12 Maryam Imani 

Resilience and Risk Management in Critical Infrastructure Protection Policy: Exploring the Relationship and Comparing its Use

28/11 Biniam Ashagre

Resilient Industrial Control System (RICS): Concepts, Formulation, Metrics, and Insights

21/11  Fanlin Meng  Designing resilient, sustainable systems
14/11 Seith Mugume

Approaches to resilience planning in the UK water sector

07/11 Peter Mellvile-Shreeve Water-sensitive urban design: opportunities for the UK
31/10 Kimberly Bryan Lessons in Risk-versus Resilience-based design and management
24/10 Konstantinos Kakoudakis Analyzing system safety and risks under uncertainty using a bow-tie diagram: an innovative approach
17/10 Arturo Casal-Campos Threats-impacts-consequences from an integrated wastewater system perspective
25/09 Maryam Imani Threat-Impact-Consequence Categorisation
11/09 Maryam Imani

Evolution of natural hazard assessment and response methods 

31/07 Kimberly Bryan Towards household sustainability in sydney?
24/07 Arturo Casal-Campos An assessment of reliable, resilient and sustainable urban drainage solutions
03/07 Chris Sweetapple Towards sustainable urban water management: A critical reassessment 
26/06 Maryam Imani Resilient supplies-How do we ensure secure water and sewerage services?
11/06 Fanlin Meng Guidelines for Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
22/05 Biniam Ashagre Performance evaluation of a water resources system under varying climatic conditions: reliability, resilience, vulnerability
03/04 Kimberly Bryan Governing long-term social-ecological change: what can the adaptive management and transition management approaches
20/03 Peter Mellvile-Shreeve The performance of rainwater tanks for stormwater retention and water supply at the household scale: an empirical study 
13/03 Konstantinos Kakoudakis A metric and frameworks for resilience analysis of engineered and infrastructure systems
06/03 David Butler Safe & SuRe: A new paradigm for water management in cities? 
27/02 Biniam Ashagre Reliability, Resiliency, and Vulnerability Criteria for Water Resource System Performance Evaluation 
18/02 Arturo Casal-Campos

Dynamic adaptive policy pathways: A method for crafting robust decisions for a deeply uncertain future 

12/02 Chris Sweetapple Resilience concepts for water resource systems

Fanlin Meng

Linking flow regime and water quality in rivers: a challenge to adaptive catchment management
30/01 Maryam Imani New policies to deal with climate change and other drivers impacting on resilience to flooding in urban areas: the CORFU approach 
23/01 Kegong Diao

Clustering analysis of water distribution systems: identifying critical components and community impacts

16/01 Konstantinos Kakoudakis Incorporating resilience into sustainability indicators: an example for the urban water sector
09/01 Sarah Ward Resilient cities: meaning, models and metaphor for integrating the ecological, socio-economic and planning realms 
 Reading Group Meeting Presentations - 2013  
12/12 Peter Mellvile-Shreeve

The use of scenarios as the basis for combined assessment of climate change mitigation and adaptation 


Arturo Casal-Campos, 

Biniam Ashagre

Adaptation to climate change in the context of sustainable development and equity;

Adaptation planning for climate change: Concepts assessment approaches and key lessons 

28/11 Seith Mugume A framework for urban climate resilience
21/11 Maryam Imani Safe&SuRe definition for Vulnerability 
14/11 Chris Sweetapple

Planning for sustainable urbanisation in fast growing cities: Mitigation and adaptation issues addressed in Dhaka 

7/11 Fanlin Meng Vulnerability  
31/10 Maryam Imani Review and discussion about the steering group feedbacks – Group 1
24/10 Maryam Imani Threats’ classification

Sarah Ward,

Kegong Diao

Sustainable & Resilient Living & Planning;

Safe & SuRe: towards a new paradigm for urban water management (WP5 Assessment Framework)

19/09 Maryam Imani Safe & SuRe: towards a new paradigm for urban water management 
12/09 Fanlin Meng

Catchment based and Real-time based Permitting