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We have a number of downloads available, please view the tabs below and click on the downloadable content.

Documents and papers



User manual A user manual providing details about how to install and work with GANetXL.

GANetXL presentation A presenation showing how to setup and solve a simple optimisation problem using GANetXL.

GANetXL - GANetXL is a Genetic Algorithms add-in for Microsoft Excel® supporting single and multi-objective optimisation. GANetXL is available for free for non-commercial academic use.

GANetXL examples

Environmental Modelling & Software Examples 

How to cite GANetXL work

If you are using GANetXL and writing a conference/journal paper or report, please use the following citation to refer to the paper describing the software:

Community contributions


The new Evolutionary Computing methodology for multiobjective optimization of water distribution system design, GALAXY (Genetically Adaptive Leaping Algorithm for approXimation and diversitY), has been used on a number of benchmarks available on this site. GALAXY was developed as part of the PhD work by Dr Qi Wang.

This was developed into a paper: Wang, Q., D. A. Savić, and Z. Kapelan (2017), GALAXY: A New Hybrid MOEA for the Optimal Design of Water Distribution Systems, Water Resour. Res., doi:10.1002/2016WR019854. The paper is available to view on our website.

The code for the GALAXY algorithm and the brief tutorial can be downloaded from here: GALAXY