CADDIES Framework

Cellular automata dual-drainage Simulation

CADDIES is an open-source framework which aims to use Cellular Automata (CA) techniques and modern hardware with parallel processing capabilities for fast dual-drainage flood modelling (2D urban surface flows linked with 1D subsurface sewer flows). CADDIES includes a general purpose CA Application Programming Interface (API), which allows users to write their own CA rules, which can then be deployed on a number of different hardware platforms, and/or on a number of different CA types. 

The CADDIES framework is divided into multiple components / softwares:

  • An application programming interface (API) to create cellular automata rules and associated application(s).
  • A set of different hardware platform implementations for each CA type, allow for fast deployment of rules to highly parallel hardware, including (Linux and Windows variants of):
    • Simple serial implementations.
    • Shared memory model parallel implementations on modern CPU's, using OpenMP.
    • General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) highly parallel implementations, using OpenCL.
  • A set of different CA type implementations, including:
    • Regular square grids
      • Von Neumann Neighbourhood.
      • Moore Neighbourhood.
    • Regular Hexagonal grids (under development).
  • Rapid and accurate reduced-complexity 2D urban surface flow model(s).
    • Basic application, and CA rules - Open Source
    • Advanced application and CA rules - under license agreement
      • Application
      • Dynamic Link Library (DLL) API flooding interface (under development)
  • Rapid and accurate reduced-complexity 1D sewer flow model(s) (under development).
  • Unified 1D sewer and 2D surface flow model(s) (under development).