DelPHE: Capacity Building for Urban Water Demand Management (2007 - 2010)

The overall aim of the project was to develop a research base on aspects related to urban water demand management and enhancing capacity at institutional and national level through structured knowledge transfer and provision of pilot scale demonstration sites for selected water demand management options in developing countries.

 The key objectives included:

  1. Initiate the establishment of 2-3 pilot scale greywater recycling projects to investigate their performance in a predominantly hot climate.
  2. Strengthen the postgraduate environmental engineering curriculum to address local issues and include sustainable solutions pertaining to water demand management.
  3. Develop a web based online resource for water demand management.
  4. Develop a nationwide network for water demand management comprising stakeholders from higher education institutes, industry and government to gather the necessary critical mass to facilitate development, exchange and promotion of knowledge on:
    • innovative (but robust) water distribution system ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ solutions, technology rollout and resulting spin off companies (opportunities and implications for the urban poor)
    • policy formation and decision making
  5. Organise a series of national level training workshops on water distribution systems and an international conference.

 CWS contribution to DelPHE project

 CWS team led by Prof. Fayyaz Ali Memon, was responsible for the:

 Supervision of  the development and testing of two low cost grey water treatment options

  • Development of a postgraduate level module with specific focus on urban water demand management
  • Organization of an International Conference on Sustainable Water Management in developing countries.

 Project partners

  • Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter
  • Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Sindh, Pakistan
  • National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, Pakistan
  • Sindh Agriculture University, Pakistan

This 3 year project was jointly funded by the British Council and DFID under Developing Partnerships in Higher Education (DelPHE) programme. The project included CWS collaboration with three higher education institutions in Pakistan.

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