A risk-based decision support system for WDS failure management (2009 - 2011)

The overall aim is to develop, implement, test/verify and hand over a Risk-based Decision Support System (DSS) to enable control room operators to react and remedy failures in the Yorkshire Water Services (YWS) water distribution system before they impact customers.

The DSS developed as part of this KTP will maximise the benefit of collecting real-time data for rapid evaluation of bursts and leaks in a Water Distribution System (WDS). A number of models and data sources will be integrated and the synergetic effect of combining advanced technologies with experience of human operators will be exploited by the DSS. Moreover, the DSS will reduce the cognitive load of human operators by presenting processed and relevant information, ultimately helping YWS to improve customer experience and deliver world class service.

Company: Yorkshire Water Services Limited

KTP Associate: Josef Bicik

Academic Supervisor: Prof. Zoran Kapelan

Project Length: 2.5 years (August 2010 - January 2013)

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