Development and application of inverse transient analysis software (2002-2003)

Funding body: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

An EPSRC project titled 'Inverse Transient Analysis in Pipe Networks for Leakage Detection, Quantification and Roughness Calibration' was executed jointly by Exeter University (EU, GR/M66981/01) and Imperial College (IC). The project was initiated around the idea of detecting leaks in water distribution systems (WDS) by calibrating the transient simulation model for unknown nodal leaks (Liggett et al., 1994). During the project, EU's part of the research work was to concentrate on the improvement of existing methodologies for WDS model calibration and sampling design.

The project was (and is still being) disseminated scientifically via multiple journal and conference publications. A full list of publications can be found in the accompanying Interim Report. The EU part of the project was led jointly by Prof. D. Savic and Prof. G.A. Walters. The research work was carried out by Dr Z. Kapelan.


While the project has been disseminated successfully in scientific terms it has yet to be exploited commercially. It is envisaged that the best way to do this is to transfer the relevant knowledge from EU to one of the project participants, a company called Ewan Optimal Solutions Ltd (EOSL). It is also envisaged that the most suitable person to do the actual transfer would be the RA on secondment from EU. In return, EOSL will provide training for the RA with the aim of enhancing his competencies.

The main objectives of the proposed collaboration between EU and EOSL are as follows:

  1. Transfer of the research knowledge gained during the original EPSRC project from EU to EOSL
  2. Enhancement of research assistant's competencies.

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