Network for advanced computer technology for underground infrastructure: ACTUI (2001-2004)

Funding body: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

The network project is half-way through its three year grant period. It has made good progress in developing and maintaining contact between academic groups researching into computer technology for the design and management of underground infrastructure for the water industry, on both the clean and wastewater sides. Contacts with industry have been strengthened with new industrial members joining, and an increased awareness of the needs of industry conveyed to the academic members.

The success of network is evident in the research proposals drawn up between members, both academic and industrial. Visit the ACTUI website.

The original objectives were:

  1. To encourage mutually beneficial collaboration between academic research groups and between academic groups and the water industry.
  2. To encourage collaboration between academic groups on new research proposals.
  3. To encourage active industrial participation in the formulation and execution of future research projects.
  4. To set up web sites for communication and dissemination of research information, opportunities and initiatives, for discussion groups and for industry links.
  5. To encourage member participation in relevant conferences, symposia and seminars.
  6. To achieve sufficient enthusiasm and support for the network for it to become self sustaining after the initial period of funding.

These objectives remain unchanged. However the means of accomplishing them will be reviewed at the next ACTUI meeting.

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