GA-Aquator: integrated optimisation for reservoir operation using genetic algorithms (2006-present)

AQUATOR® is a commercial software for developing and running simulation models of natural rivers, water resources and water supply systems, using different operational rules, constraints and priorities. Developed by Oxford Scientific Software, it is being used by several water companies in the UK. The Centre for Water Systems has undertaken the task of linking AQUATOR to a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms optimisation module.

Initially GANetXL, an add-in for Microsoft Excel®, developed by the Centre for Water Systems was linked to AQUATOR, for the optimization of reservoir operation.

However due to the excessive computational time required, AQUATOR-GA, a new GA application was developed, using distributed computing, which has been integrated within the AQUATOR environment.

It has already been applied to two case studies, both reservoirs operated by United Utilities.

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