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Photo of Ms Teuntje Hollaar

Ms Teuntje Hollaar




My PhD is focused on understanding changes in palaeo-wildfire on a geological timescale. I am doing my research as part of the early Jurassic Earth System and Timescale (JET) project and work on the Early Jurassic sediments of Cardigan Bay. More specifically, I am examining the effect of climate on an orbital time scale and climatic perturbations on wildfire activity. To better understand this, I use a range of proxies (palynological, carbon isotopes, clay mineralogical) to reconstruct the palaeoenvironment.



Prof. Claire Belcher (University of Exeter)
Prof. Stephen Hesselbo (University of Exeter)
Dr. Micha Ruhl (Trinity College Dublin)



2017: MSc Earth Science: palaeoclimate, biogeochemistry and palaeontology, Utrecht University

2015: BSc Future Planet Studies/Earth Sciences, University of Amsterdam

2014: Minor, geology, University College Dublin