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Photo of Miss Rebecca Takeda-Frost

Miss Rebecca Takeda-Frost

Strategic Project Manager (CSM)


Telephone: 01326 259287

I work within the College of Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences leading strategic projects for the Camborne School of Mines.


  • To provide advice and support on operational and strategic matters.
  • To effectively support the Head of CSM and DCO in hteir working relationships.
  • To work collectively with the members of the CSM Management Team, colleagues and Professional Services on projects relating to the development of CSM.
  • To deliver specific projects to support the business development of CSM.


*Professional Services Recognition Awards 2017 - Winner of the Ambition Category*

*Teaching Awards 2017 - Best Employability Support

'*Above and Beyond' Bronze Award 2016

*'Above and Beyond' Silver Award 2015

*Teaching Awards 2015 CSM Nomination ~ Best Employability Support*

Contact details

Email Internal tel 253287 Tel +44 (0) 1326 259287 Address

Room 3031, Daphne du Maurier Building