Prof Karen Hudson-Edwards


Postdoctoral Researchers

David Dew

David is a postdoctoral research fellow working on the EU Horizon2020 NEMO project. David has worked for several decades in industry in South Africa, Chile and elsewhere, managing bioleaching and other mining projects. 

Carmen Falagan

Carmen is also working on the EU Horizon2020 NEMO project to develop and test innovative bioleaching processes using acidophilic microorganisms. She previously worked at Bangor University in the Bangor Acidophile Research Team (BART). See Carmen's website for more. 


PhD Students

Richie Chalkley

Richie is working on an Exeter University-funded project entitled 'Building a global acid rock / acid mine drainage biogeochemical model for environmental impact assessment'. Richie is co-supervised by Professor Kevin Gaston (Exeter). 

Monica Kalichini

Monica's project is 'Bridging the profit margin to environmental impact gap for reduced Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) prevalence in mineral processing'. She is working on several case studies in Zambia using QEMSCAN and other mineralogical techniques for her project. Monica is co-supervised by Dr Rob Fitzpatrick (Exeter).

Johannes Meusberger

Johannes' project is entitled 'Characterisaton of sulfate minerals in extreme environments by coupled Raman spectroscopy - neutron and synchrotron diffraction'. The project is jointly funded by the STFC and the University of Exeter. Johannes is co-supervised by Dr Rich Crane (Exeter), Dr Dominic Fortes (ISIS) and Prof Chiu Tang (Diamond Light Source). See Johannes' website for more.

Gabriel Ziwa

Gabriel is a Commonwealth Scholarship PhD student whose project is entitled 'The environmental geochemistry and mineralogy of cobalt in mining-affected environments'. He is co-supervised by Dr Rich Crane (Exeter). Gabriel previously did an MSc at Curtin University in Australia. Read more about Gabriel here