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Mr Jordan James Lindsay




Given the breadth of research topics within the large umbrella of geology, it was initially intimidating to find my niche within this community. However, everything has came round full circle to unite my original scientific questions as a child and my current research focus - what happens inside the interior of the Earth? My work primarily looks at the geochemistry of the deep mantle and, more specifically, the ways in which rare metals can be brought to the surface to form nice, mine-able deposits. At the forefront of my study are the platinum-group elements (PGE), some of the rarest commodities on the planet. My academic exploits normally revolve around PGE economics, mantle studies, plume dynamics and, more recently, data science and machine learning. As I enter my third year of PhD study, I am beginning to model the behaviour of PGE in plume-derived geodynamic systems, while trying to further my skills as a data scientist and field geologist.



  • BSc Earth Science, 2009-2013 (University of Glasgow)
  • MSc Mining Geology, 2016-2017 (University of Exeter)
  • PhD Geology, 2017-present (University of Exeter)



Hannah Hughes (CSM, University of Exeter)

Jens Andersen (CSM, University of Exeter)

Iain McDonald (Cardiff University)


Accolades and Awards:

  • JW Gregory Prize and Joseph Black Medal for outstanding end-of-year performance in undergraduate Earth Science programmes 1st and 2nd Year (University of Glasgow)
  • Sir Alwyn Williams Prize for the top 5 student performances in the 3rd Year Earth Science programme (University of Glasgow)
  • Betics Prize for best field notebook work during residential geological fieldtrip to southern Spain (University of Glasgow)
  • Best Student Poster at the 13th International Platinum Symposium, South Africa 2018 for work on my MSc thesis
  • Winner of the Geological Society's Early Career Geoscientist 2019 for presentation on the PGE signature of the Tristan plume
  • Best postgraduate demonstrator for CEMPS college awards 2018-2019


  • Society of Economic Geologists
  • The Geological Society of London
  • Mineral Deposits Study Group

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