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Photo of Dr Jane Gallwey

Dr Jane Gallwey

Impact Fellow and Postgraduate


Research topics:

Mining engineering, deep learning, LiDAR, satellite remote sensing, laser scanning, point cloud processing, image analysis, multispectral data.


Development of mining sector applications integrating emerging remote sensing and deep learning technologies


Dr Matt Eyre and Professor John Coggan


Gallwey, J., Robiati, C., Coggan, J., Vogt, D., Eyre, M., 2020. A Sentinel-2 based multispectral convolutional neural network for detecting artisanal small-scale mining in Ghana: Applying deep learning to shallow mining. Remote Sens. Environ. 248, 111970.

Gallwey, J., Yeomans, C., Tonkins, M., Coggan, J., Vogt, D., Eyre, M., 2020. Using Deep Learning and Hough Transformations to Infer Mineralised Veins from Lidar Data over Historic Mining Areas, in: Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci. ISPRS, Nice, France, pp. 1561–1568.

Gallwey, J., Eyre, M., Tonkins, M., Coggan, J., 2019. Bringing Lunar LiDAR Back Down to Earth: Mapping Our Industrial Heritage Through Deep Transfer Learning. Remote Sens. 11, 1–22.