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Dr Ian Bailey

Senior Lecturer and Prog. Dir. for UG Geology


Telephone: 01326 259322


I am a geologist and palaeoceanographer. I am an active member of the Deep Time Global Change research group based on Exeter University's Penryn Campus and have strong links to Exeter's Earth System Science Group and Exeter Marine. My research focuses on understanding the trends and drivers of Cenozoic climate change, with an emphasis on Plio-Pleistocene glaciation, ocean circulation and warm Pliocene-Quaternary Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheet reconstructions.

Most of my research takes advantage of marine sediment cores recovered by the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) - the space programme of the Earth Sciences - using its flagship drillship the JOIDES Resolution. I have been fortunate to sail on the JOIDES twice in my career for a total of four months in both hemispheres of our planet - to the North Atlantic and Arctic Circle (in 2006) and Southern Ocean off Antarctica (in 2019).


Examples of Current Research Projects:

1. IODP Exp 303: History of the Greenland Ice Sheet during Pliocene intensification of northern hemisphere glaciation (iNHG, Keziah Blake-Mizen, Kira Lawrence, Anders Carlson, Joe Stoner); 2. IODP Exp 303: Changes in ocean circulation during Pliocene iNHG (Paul Wilson, Gavin Foster, Keziah Blake-Mizen, Rebecca Parker, Kira Lawrence, Anders Carlson, Joe Stoner, Chuang Xuan, Jim Channell); 3. IODP Exp. 303/306: History and origin of suborbital climate change centred on North Atlantic (Stephen Obrotcha, Jim Channell, David Hodell, Axel Timmermann, Jonathan Tyler, Chuang Xuan, Y. Yojoyama); 4. IODP Exp. 303/306: North Atlantic hydrography and productivity during iNHG (Clara Bolton, Oliver Friedrich, Paul Wilson); 5. Plio-Pleistocene History of the Antarctic Ice Sheet (Sidney Hemming, Mike Webber, Mo Raymo and IODP Exp. 382 scientists). 6. The history of North American weathering and glaciation during the late Pleistocene (Rebecca Parker, Gavin Foster, Marcus Gutjahr, Paul Wilson).


Teaching contributions:

I am also director of Exeter's Geology degree programmes, so please contact me if you have any questions about studying the Earth sciences with us!

CSM1044 Earth History and Palaeontology (coordinator, 15 credits); CSM1036 Field Geology and Geological Maps, including Pembrokeshire field course (coordinator, 30 credits); CSM3379 Summer Vacation Project (including Independent mapping projects and Industrial Placements; coordinator, 30 credits).


  • 2013-2018 Lecturer in Geology - Exeter University
  • 2018- Senior Lecturer in Geology - Exeter University


I am always looking for PhD students or to work with individuals interested in postdoctoral research/fellowships. Please get in touch if you want to collaborate with me.

Office and Address:

LG3.14 Stella Turk, Camborne School of Mines and Environment and Sustainabiltiy Institute, College of Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Treliever Road, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK.