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Photo of Mr Herman Aguirre Jofre

Mr Herman Aguirre Jofre



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Areas of research

I'm a mining Engineer interested in developing data sensing and analysis techniques for small mines. I am working as part of the CSM Research Group that is focused in mining technologies.

My current project is divided in three stages:

1. Data sensing for open pit mines: Low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) applications for monitoring and optimising small and medium-scale mines.

2. Data acquisition system prototype: Adapted system for no-wifi environment as always occurs in underground mines.

3. Data sensing application for underground mines: Testing and data retrieving in small and medium-scale mines without technological infrastructure.

During the last 7 year of professional experience, I have held responsibility in Operation Management, working in open pit and block caving mines.



Primary Supervisor: Dr. Declan Vogt.

Co - Supervisor: Matthew Eyre.


Educational Background

2014: Diploma: History of Recent Times at Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

2013: Diploma: World Politics at Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

2005 - 2011: Mining Engineer at Universidad de Santiago de Chile.


Please free to contact me via the e-mail address provided at the top of the page regarding inquiries or collaborations.