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Dr Declan Vogt


Teaching CSM1259: Electrical and Electronic Principles

I am the module lead for this course that is taken by Mining Engineering and and Renewable Energy Engineering first year students. This hands on module gives students a chance to explore basic electrical and electronic concepts using a combination of theory and a practical approach to applications and troubleshooting. 

The course is here on ELE.

CSM2177: Electrical Energy Conversion and Transport

I am the primary lecturer for this course, taken by Mining Engineering and and Renewable Energy Engineering second year students. The module lead is Mohammad Abusara from Renewable Energy. The course aims to develop basic knowledge of the power use of electricity, including electrical machines, transmission lines and three-phase systems.

The course is here on ELE.

CSMM183: Business Skills

As part of the MSc in Mining Engineering (Professional), I teach half of the business skills course, specifically the module on Lean for Mining. Lean is a useful set of management principles and tools that can lead to improved business performance. The course offers an introduction to Lean set in a mining context.

The course is here on ELE.


I contribute to the 2nd year geophysics course, CSM2190, and supervise students on overseas visits, to Namibia and Finland so far. I also contribute to mine automation course, CSMM418, where I teach elements of mechanised mining and rock cutting.