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Photo of Dr Carmen  Falagan Rodriguez

Dr Carmen Falagan Rodriguez

Research Fellow


I am working in the project NEMO: Near-zero-waste recycling of low-grade sulphidic mining waste for critical-metal, mineral and construction raw-material production in a circular economy. My primary research focuses on developing and testing innovative bio-leaching processes using acidophilic microorganisms.

I am also colaborating in the project Metal-microb-mineral interactions and biomineralization mechanisms in acidophilic anaerobes: Geochemical, microbiological and biotechnological implications in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Spain and the Penn State University.

I have worked previously at Bangor University in the Bangor Acidophile Research Team (BART). Within my research I have studied how to recover valuable metals from different ores and concentrates, and mine wastes, bioremediation of acid mine drainage, I have also isolated and characterized new acidophilic microorganisms. I also study the microbiology of acidic mine pit lakes in the Iberian Pyrite Belt and how these affect and are affected by the hydrogeochemistry of the lake waters. I would like to continue my research working with microorganisms and their use on biotechnological applications such as biomining, and bioremediation. I am also interested in studying the stability and securing mines and mine wastes and the exploration of new strategies to recover valuable metals from wastes.

Research interests:

    Extreme environments: acidic pit lakes, acid mine drainages, hydrothermal vents, volcanic lakes.
    Resource recovery from waste.
    Bioleaching and biohydrometallurgy.
    Climate change and mining.