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Photo of Mr Alexander Hudson

Mr Alexander Hudson



Areas of research:

My research is focussed on the study of European Early Jurassic mudrocks to understand the effects of long term climate change. My primary aim is to develop an orbitally tuned age model for the Early Jurassic in order to test the hypothesised link between global climate variability and volcanic or orbital forcing. 

For this project, I am applying a suite of multi-proxy techniques such as X-ray fluorescence, carbon isotope stratigraphy, paleo-magnetic analysis, core sedimentology and quantitative mineralogy. I am applying these techniques to world-class exposures of the Lower Jurassic from basins across Europe and have access to the vast British Geological Survey (BGS) borehole depository. 

I am embedded within the Deep time global change research group at the University of Exeter and jointly funded by NERC GW4 and BGS. I am also involved in the major NERC and ICDP funded Jurassic Earth system and timescale (JET) project


Primary Supervisor: Prof. Stephen Hesselbo (University of Exeter)
Co- Supervisor: Dr Kate littler, (University of Exeter)
Co-Supervisor: Dr James Riding (British Geological Survey)
Co-Supervisor: Dr Daniel Condon (British Geological Survey)
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Conall Mac Niocaill (University of Oxford)

Educational Background 

2015-2016: Imperial College London, MSc Petroleum Geoscience. Distinction.

  • BG-Group Greig Cowan memorial Scholarship.
  • 2016 MSc Imperial College Conference; Best Poster Award
  • MSc Thesis: A sequence stratigraphic framework for offshore Uruguay: integrating seismic, wells, biostratigraphy and structural data. 

2011-2015: University of Southampton, MSci Geology, First class Hons. 

  • BSc mapping project: The geology of the Limassol forest ophiolite complex, Cyprus.
  • MSci Thesis: An Integrated geochemical and palynological investigation of the  Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: A first look at the Winterton exposure, Lincolnshire. 
  • Geochemistry
  • Chemostratigraphy
  • Structural Geology 
  • Burial and fluid systems modelling
  • Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Clastic Sedimentology

Please feel free to contact me via the email address provided at the top of the page regarding inquiries or collaborations.