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Dr David Gibson


This page last updated on 12-Sep-2019 (Minima mutatio 04-Jan-2021)

This page lists my current research projects at the Camborne School of Mines, as well as earlier projects that I undertook at the Mines Rescue Service, and some of my personal research interests.

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My Research Interests

In addition to the projects I am funded for at the moment – see Current Projects – I have a number of other personal research interests, as listed below. Notes on these topics might be added in due course (this note dated 04-Sept-2019).

  • Radio antennas using high-permittivity ceramic tiles
  • The use of a torus (or anapole) as a radio antenna
  • Algorithms for creating conjugate gear profiles
  • Ferro-electric materials for small power generators (energy harvesting)
  • Virtual machines and threaded interpreters (microprocessor and compiler design)
  • Properties of binary sequences (inverse sequences, single-channel Gray codes)
  • Data-logging and monitoring in caves (especially as part of climate-change models - see External Activities)
  • Chemical reactions between starches and sugars
  • Construction of a portable time spinner ('procrastinator') and a symbol reader (An out-of-hours project - see my steampunk essay )

I also have an interest in collecting examples of "hoaxes" in physics. That is, people who disbelieve Maxwell, Einstein or Hawking, and who promote their unsubstantiated ideas counter to the principle of quod supplantandum, prius bene sciendum. I have half a dozen on my list now. Further reading: see Mateus Araújo's blog Crackpots in my Inbox

Current Projects

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INDIRES Newsletter 1

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INDIRES Newsletter 2

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INDIRES Newsletter 3


  • Project: Information Driven Incident Response (INDIRES)
  • Funding: RFCS Grant Agreement 748632
  • Grant recipient: consortium of industrial and academic partners including Camborne School of Mines
  • Completion: June 2020
  • Website:
  • Principal team members at CSM: Mike Bedford, Prof Pat Foster, Dr David Gibson, Dr Declan Vogt
  • Project objectives: to enable critical information to be gathered during a serious mining incident, without reliance on a mine's fixed power or communication network; and to aid personnel rescue and mine safety
  • My main involvement: to investigate resilient forms of through-rock radio data communication using novel antenna structures and mesh networks
  • Outcomes: Notes to be added in due course. (This note dated 4-Sept-2019)


  • Project: Long-term stability assessment and monitoring of flooded shafts (STAMS)
  • Funding: RFCR-CT-2015-00001
  • Grant recipient: consortium of industrial and academic partners, including Camborne School of Mines
  • Completion: June 2018
  • Website:
  • Principal team members at CSM: Mike Bedford, Prof John Coggan, Dr David Gibson,
  • Project objectives: to develop multifunctional monitoring and inspection modules, and to design permanently installed sensors, to guarantee periodic and long-term continuous monitoring of flooded mine shafts.
  • My main involvement: to assess the feasability of building an inductively-coupled array of sensors to function in low-cost underwater pressure-proof enclosures.
  • Outcomes: Simple Enclosure is Waterproof to 400 Metres. Further notes to be added in due course. (This note dated 4-Sept-2019)

Earlier Projects

From 2003 to 2012 I was a Research Project Manager at the UK's Mines Rescue Service (MRSL). This table lists the research projects undertaken by MRSL and my involvement. Final Reports for all the RFCS-funded projects are available as free downloads from the European Commission's Europa Bookshop - just type the ISBN into the search box.

Project Full Title My contrib. Me as listed author? Contract Publishing year and ISBN
PR-133 Extending the utility of underground data transmission networks and other data processing equipment ★★★ ?? ECSC 7220 PR-133 2005?  
UPTUN Upgrading of existing Tunnels (UPTUN); Workpackage 3 Human response; Deliverable 3.3; Human Factors Aspects in Tunnels: Tunnel User Behaviour and Tunnel Operators ★★★ ?? EU FP5 G1RD-CT-2002-766   2006?  
EPCWCMS Enhancing the performance of mine communication, warning and condition monitoring systems ★★★   RFCR-CT-2003-00003 2008 978-92-79-08172-9
WATERCHEM   Optimisation of mine water discharge by monitoring and modelling of geochemical processes and development of measures to protect aquifers and active mining areas from mine water contamination ★★   RFCR-CT-2003-00006 2008 978-92-79-08777-6
SAFETECH Optimisation of surveillance, technical equipment and procedures to prevent workers from danger attributed to fire, hazardous or toxic gases, firedamp or climatic conditions   RFCR-CT-2003-00010 2008 978-92-79-08717-2
IAMTECH Increasing the efficiency of roadway drivages through the application of advanced information, automation and maintenance technologies ★★ RFCR-CT-2004-00001 2009 978-92-79-11704-6
ADEMA Advances in exploration methods and applications ★★★ RFCR-CT-2005-00001 2010 978-92-79-14549-0
RAINOW Researching the applications of open innovative wireless technologies   RFCR-CT-2005-00003 2010 978-92-79-14145-4
NEMAEQ New mechanisation and automation of longwall and drivage equipment     RFCR-CT-2006-00001 2011 978-92-79-21598-8
MINTOS Improving Mining Transport Reliability     RFCR-CT-2007-00002 2012 978-92-79-22247-4
ADRIS Advanced Drivage and Road-Heading Intelligent Systems ★★★ RFCR-CT-2007-00002 2012 978-92-79-22226-9
MINFIREX Minimising risk for and reducing impact of fire and explosion hazards in underground coal mining     RFCR-CT-2007-00003 2012 978-92-79-22247-4
PRESIDENCE   Prediction and Monitoring of Subsidence Hazards above Coal Mines ★★   RFCR-CT-2007-00004 2012 978-92-79-22246-7
EDAFFIC Early detection and fighting of fires in belt conveyor     RFCR-CT-2008-00002 2013 978-92-79-25117-7
EMTECH Mine Emergency Support Technologies ★★★ RFCR-CT-2008-00003 2013 978-92-79-29320-7
EMIMSAR Enhanced Miner-Information Interaction to Improve Maintenance and Safety with Augmented Reality Technologies and New Sensors ★★★ RFCR-CT-2009-00002 2013 978-92-79-33083-4
LOWCARB Low carbon mine site energy initiatives     RFCR-CT-2010-00004 2014 978-92-79-40328-6
MISSTER Mine shafts : improving security and new tools for the evaluation of risks   RFCR-CT-2010-00014 2015 978-92-79-45342-7
COGASOUT Development of novel technologies for predicting and combating gas outbursts and uncontrolled emissions in thick seam coal mining   RFCR-CT-2010-00002 2015 978-92-79-43619-2