We have acquired new state of the art surveying equipment which can be used to support businesses working in a range of areas such as civil engineering (e.g. buildings and bridges), geotechnical engineering (e.g. tunnelling and cliff stability) and the minerals industry (e.g. mining and quarrying). The new surveying equipment includes:

Leica TPS1200 Total Station

The Leica TPS1200 is built for speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability.  Features include: angle and distance measurement (IR), PinPoint – reflectorless EDM (RL), Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) and Automatic Target Tracking (LOCK).

Leica GPS1200 (fully compatible with the TPS1200)

The Leica GPS1200 is a new, ultra-precise GPS measurement system with fast self-checking RTK algorithms and a comprehensive, self–explanatory user interface.  Features include: SmartTrack GPS technology, SmartCheck 30 km RTK, GPS reference stations, hidden points and ASCII input.

Leica HDS3000 High Definition Surveying 3D Laser Scanner

The Leica HDS3000 makes high definition field data capture more efficient and easier for a wider range of surveying and engineering projects.  Features include: < 6 mm spot size at 50 m, 6 mm positional accuracy at 50 m, setup over survey point, height-of-instrument (H.I.) measurement, bore-sighted digital camera for automatically calibrated photo overlays and a maximum 360o x 270o field-of-view.

DMT Gyromat 2000 Fully Automatic Precision Surveying Gyroscope

The Gyromat 2000 is a precision surveying gyroscope with a fully automatic measuring sequence for tunnel surveying and locations that require precise orientation.  Features include: high measuring accuracy (1.5 cm every 1 km), short measuring time, fully automatic measuring sequence, preorientation-free measuring method and individual theodolite equipping.

For further information about CSM surveying capabilities, please contact: Andy Wetherelt