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Dr Chunbo Luo

News Update



13/02 [Paper] Our paper "Two-Vehicle Coordination System for Omnidirectional Transportation Based on Image Processing and Deviation Prediction" has been accepted for the Journal of Control, Automation and Electrical Systems.


20/12 [Paper] Our paper "Unlocking the Potential of 5G and Beyond Networks to Support Massive Access of Ground and Air Devices" has been accepted for the IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering.

08/10 [Student achievement] Glad to know PhD Stephen has been promoted to Scientist, in PML. Many congratulations! 

08/10 [Paper] Our paper "Location-based Robust Beamforming Design for Cellular-enabled UAV Communications" has been accepted for the IEEE Internet of Things Journal. DOI: 10.1109/JIOT.2020.3028853 

02/09 [Grant]  Our H2020 MSCA-RISE Project: INITIATE is funded. The research will investigate and develop UAV swarms to provide reliable wireless communication and sensing data acquisition in disasters. 

09/07 [Grant]  A project SENSUM is funded by NERC to design machine learning techniques and the computing architecture for landslide and flood prediction. This bid is led by geomorphologist Dr Georgie Bennett. 

07/07 [Graduation] Many congratulations to my PhD student Dr Leonhard Menz for the successful completion of the PhD degree. 

05/03 [Paper] Our paper "Lightweight 3D Beamforming Design in 5G UAV Broadcasting Communications" has been accepted for the IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting

05/02 [Paper] Our paper "Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Offloading Scheduling for Vehicular Edge Computing" has been accepted for the IEEE Internet of Things Journal

05/02 [Paper] Our paper "Accurate Air Quality Prediction: A Physical-temporal Collection Model" has been accepted for the 2020 ICLR, AI for Earth Sciences.

15/01 [Paper] Our paper "UAV-Based Wireless Network for Bridging Communication using IEEE 802.11 Protocols" has been accepted for the EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking.



10/12 [Conference] IEEE Globecom, out paper "Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Computation Offloading in Vehicular Edge Computing" will be presented in Puako, Hawaii, United States. 

06/12 [Paper] Our paper "Using Social Behavior of Beetles to Establish a Computational Model for Operational Control" has been accepted at the IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems. 

05/12 [Paper] Our paper "Mobility-Aware Multi-User Offloading Optimization for Mobile Edge Computing" has been accepted at the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. 

31/10 [Award] My supervised MSc project, Yuchen Zhu wins the Computer Science MSc project award. Many congratulations to Yuchen! 

05/10 [Paper] Our paper "Identifying Atypical Travel Patterns for Improved Medium-Term Mobility Prediction." has been accepted at the IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (T-ITS). 

06/09 [Talk] Applied Research Thought Leadership at BT Adastral Park:  Adversarial Learning for Network Intrusion Detection

18/07 [Paper] Our paper "Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Computation Offloading in Vehicular Edge Computing" has been accepted for presentation at the 2019 IEEE Globecom. 

15/07 [Graduation] Congratulations to our PhD, Master and Bachelor graduates. You have done an excellent job! 

26/06 [Seminar] A seminar on Explainable AI for Law Applications in Fudan University, China, with Joseph Lee, Prof Ge and Prof Chen. 

05/04 [Book chapter] Our book chapter "Mobile Edge Computing for the 5G Internet of Things" is published. You can access a copy through the Publications page or send me an email.

05/04 [Paper] Our paper abstract "Deep Learning Approaches For The Extraction Of Bloom And Plume Extents From High Resolution Satellite Imagery" has been accepted for Oral presentation at the Dragon 4 Ljubljana Symposium (24-28 June 2019).

27/02  [Job]  A Postdoc Research Fellow position on Visual Data Processing, for the NERC BigFoot project, is available now. The post will be for 2 years with potential extension. Email me for more information. Apply

04/02  [Grant]  A PhD training grant from EPSRC has been received, with joint funding from BT. One full PhD studentship will be funded for 2019 entry. Check my profile page for PhD studentship details and apply.

03/02  [paper]  Our paper "Position-based Beamforming Design for UAV communications in LTE networks" has been accepted for presentation at the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC).

01/02  [paper]  Our paper "Sensor-Assisted Global Motion Estimation for Efficient UAV Video Coding" has been accepted for the 2019 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP).

01/02  [paper]  Our paper "Classification and Segmentation of Blooms and Plumes from High Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Deep Learning" has been accepted for the Living Planet Symposium 2019.

11/01  [paper]  Our paper "Stochastic Performance Analysis of Network Function Virtualisation in Future Internet" has been accepted for IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC).


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