University of Exeter, Forum

CliMathNet Conference 2016

The Fourth Annual CliMathNet Conference was held at the University of Exeter, from 5th - 8th July 2016.

Scientific Programme

The themes of the conference aimed to provide a forum for mathematics and statistics applied to weather and climate science, and included:

  • The development of novel methodologies to paleoclimates;
  • Planetary system modelling;
  • Weather and climate forecasting, and;
  • Coupled social-environmental systems.  

Invited speakers include:


Best Student Poster Competition

It was a tough decision, with so many excellent posters in the running. Our congratulations to:

Alexander Todd, University of Exeter. Poster Title: ENSO-related tropical precipitation change under global warming

Maryam Ilyas, University College London. Poster Title: ENSO uncertainty quantification in spatial distribution of temperature using lattice kriging


The Conference Programme has been organised by Peter Ashwin and Tim Lenton of ReCoVER (University of Exeter), with the help of the Scientific Committee Paul Bates (University of Bristol), Chris Budd (University of Bath), Peter Challenor (University of Exeter) and Peter Cox (University of Exeter).