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I chose to study Engineering after going to an “Insight into Engineering” residential in year 12 where we had various lectures in different types of Engineering. I really enjoyed the experience and it was good to be with like-minded females.

I loved University from day one. The quality of teaching was very good at Exeter. The course was not as difficult as I expected and I really enjoyed the practical side of it.  I made good friends on my course and I am still in contact with them today.

My best memory of University was when I took part in the ERASMUS study abroad scheme and was fortunate enough to work for Ferrari in Italy. We also took a trip to Renishaw in Bristol and after that visit, I was offered a summer work placement in the research and design office. This looked great on my CV! Another high point was getting my results was a great day. I remember ringing my parents and crying when I told them I had received a first! 

After University I decided that I really enjoyed the materials aspect of my course, so went on to do a masters in Materials at Cranfield. After that, I applied to six companies and got offers from all of them! I think it was my ERASMUS placement that set me apart from the rest and aided me in getting the job. I decided Jaguar Land Rover was where I wanted to be so chose to work for them.

Since starting at Land Rover I have moved to the Body Structures department and was the lead for the launch of the Jaguar F-Type. Last year I was promoted to Advanced Technology Body Manager.

 Rebecca Hitch

Mechanical Engineering (2006)