TEAM-A Post-doc Dr Joshua Hamilton attends IEEE International Conference

In May 2019, Joshua attended the 53rd IEEE International Conference on Communications in Shanghai, China. The conference is one of the IEEE Communications Society’s flagship conferences. The main theme of the conference was “empowering intelligent communications” with world leaders in both academia and industry in attendance. The conference had a strong emphasis on 5G communications and looking towards future technology advancements in 6G wireless communications.

In addition to the main conference, Joshua attended a tutorial session on “Orbital Angular Momentum for Wireless Communications: Theory, Challenges, and Future Trends” and workshop entitled “Electromagnetic wave transmission with orbital angular momentum”. One of the investigation being undertaken by TEAM-A is demonstrating the practical uses of radio frequency orbital angular momentum beams. A orbital angular momentum carrying beam, which has a helical phase wave front can transmit multiple modes at one frequency. The topic is still in its infancy but shows promise to revolutionise the spectral efficiency of wireless communications.

The attended workshop was the first worldwide academic get together of the researchers of the electromagnetic wave orbital angular momentum community. Therefore, this conference and workshop was the perfect opportunity to meet world leaders in wireless communication research.

Researchers round off the month of March with an exciting series of events.

TEAM-A Research Fellows meet fellow academics and enjoy exciting talks on the topics of THz & Metamaterials. 

Dr Lauren Barr, Dr Joshua Hamilton and Dr Ian Hooper enjoyed meeting other academics, demonstrating the technology of their work and attending talks. 

A huge thank you to IET mm-wave and THz meeting on 15th March 2019, and Showcasing Emerging Technologies - Metamaterials on the 19th March 2019.

The Programme's First Advisory Board Meeting

On the 6th of March 2019, the TEAM-A Prosperity Partnership programme held its first Advisory Board meeting, to discuss and evaluate progress and management. 

A huge thank you to its members, Prof. Mark Goodwin, Prof. Sajad Haq, Dr Benny Hallam, Jessica Bonham and Luis Lopez-Bracey; for traveling to Exeter to come and meet the management team and  our Exeter based researchers

Technical Talk at QinetiQ: Dr Benny Hallam, ‘An introduction to high purity quartz’

Many thanks to Dr Benny Hallam, Chair of the TEAM-A Oversight Board, who recently visited QinetiQ at Farnborough to provide us with a stimulating talk on his work as VP R&D for The Quartz Corp. The Quartz Corp is a joint venture of IMERYS and Norsk Mineral and operates as a major supplier of High Purity Quartz Sand from sites in Spruce Pine (USA), the source of the world's purest quartz. Benny described how the sand is collected, processed, purified and converted into a variety of high-value components for solar cells, semiconductor manufacture, fibre optics and speciality lighting. The conversations that followed covered various technical issues, from methods of sample manufacture to the control and modification of material properties, and possible overlap with TEAM-A’s capabilities are being explored.

For more details of the talk, or to pose questions, please contact or visit the Quartz Corp website at

QinetiQ propose key industry challenges to TEAM-A Research Fellows

On the 4th of Feburary 2019, TEAM-A's Postdoctoral Research Fellows and industry-based Principle Investigator met to discuss prominent key industry challenges. It is this type of information and professional cultural sharing that the EPSRC Prosperity Partnership programme is all about.

TEAM-A & The University of Warwick

On the 7th and 8th of January Prof. John Murphy and Dr. Nicholas Grant of the University of Warwick visited TEAM-A members Prof Euan Hendry, Dr. Ian Hooper and Dr. Lauren Barr to discuss their ongoing collaborations. Prof. Murphy and Dr. Grant are experts in silicon photovoltaics and have been using their expertise to assist TEAM-A in developing tunable devices for the RF and THz frequency domains. The promising initial results have now led to a newly funded project aimed at developing the next generation of these devices.

Happy New Year

2019 feels like yet another great year for Meta-materials and manufactoring research. 

Enjoy the fresh start all. 

UK Terahertz research, the University of Warwick - Congratulations to our newest recruit Lauren Barr

Our newest Postdoctoral Researcher and XM² alumni Lauren Barr presented her latest findings on how 'cavity improves optical modulation of silicon for THz imaging', at the UK THz Workshop in Warwick

To read more about the University of Exeter's success and enjoyment of this event, feel free to visit the XM² CDT article here

Image provided by XM², Dr Anja Roading

University of Exeter visits QinetiQ to share their expertise, 2018's Tech Talks

2018 was a great year for the exchange of scientific knowledge. TEAM-A is already on its way to supporting the coming together of industry and academia.

On a candide note, we all simply love listening to these interesting 'tech-talks', next stop TED Talks I'm sure. 


Thank you to: 

Prof. Geoff Nash, of the University of Exeter for his talk on 'Encapsulated Graphene Based Infrared Emitters'.

Prof. Euan Hendry, of the Universiy of Exeter for his talk on 'Single-pixel THz imaging using near-field photomodulation'.

Prof. Oana Ghita, of the University of Exeter for her talk on 'High Performance Polymers and Composites for Additive Manufacturing'.

We're all excited to see what 2019 holds. 

An excited welcome to our new TEAM-A researchers and students

A huge welcome to our new Postdoctoral Researchers and PhD students. Only five more experts to collect and then we truly will be the A-TEAM. 

Visit our 'The TEAM' page to find out a little more about them; and likewise check out our 'Apply'  page to view what positions are still available. 

Prosperity Partnerships Prevail at London EPSRC Announcement event

Thank you to the EPSRC for organizing an event that offered us and the wider programmes such food for thought yesterday (25th September 2018). We would like to offer a congratulations to the second round   award recipients, welcome to the community.