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Dr Xiaoyu Yan

News - 2020


17 April 2020

A team from the 4E group just published a new paper “V Kouloumpis, RS Pell, ME Correa-Cano, X Yan. Potential trade-offs between eliminating plastics and mitigating climate change: An LCA perspective on Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles in Cornwall. Science of the Total Environment 2020;138681”. The paper came out of research as part of the circular economy plastics project ExeMPLaR and found that simply substituting plastics by other materials could potentially result in higher carbon emissions, depending on regional and local waste infrastructure and management practices as well as consumer recycling behaviours.


2 April 2020

Xiaoyu just published a new paper “X Yan*, K Corbin, R Burton, DKY Tan. Agave: A promising feedstock for biofuels in the water-energy-food-environment (WEFE) nexus. Journal of Cleaner Production 2020;261:121283” with colleagues at the Universities of Sydney and Adelaide in Australia. The paper highlights the possibilities for bioethanol production in semi-arid Australia from agave, a high-sugar succulent plant widely grown in Mexico to make tequila, causing minimum pressure on food production and water resources and performing better than current biofuel feedstocks such as corn and sugarcane on carbon footprint. The paper is freely available for 50 days.


6 March 2020

Emily just published the first paper from her PhD “The marine economy of the United Kingdom”, together with a number of colleagues at PML. The paper defines a systematic approach to quantifying the UK marine economy and found the marine economy accounts for a much larger proportion of the UK economy than previously thought, comprising an estimated 8.1% of GVA and 6.1% of output. Excellent work Emily!


26 January 2020

Xiaoyu just published a new paper “Daily Global Solar Radiation in China Estimated from High‚Äźdensity Meteorological Observations: A Random Forest Model Framework”, together with a number of collaborators across China.


1 January 2020

Xiaoyu published a new paper “Detecting and understanding synergies and co-benefits of low carbon development in the electric power industry in China”, together with collaborators at Fudan University.