Dr Xiaoyu Yan

News - 2018


1 March 2018

The group welcomes new members Dr Victor Kouloumpis and Tianduo Peng. Victor is a Research Fellow on the CEReS and ICE projects and will be working on LCA of energy systems and the CEReS process. Tianduo is a visiting PhD student from Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, Tsinghua University. He will be working with Xiaoyu on LCA of electric vehicles for 6 months from March to August 2018. We also say farewell to James Miller who will be moving to another country. All the best James!


21 February 2018

New paper “Food-energy-water nexus: a life cycle analysis on virtual water and embodied energy in food consumption in the Tamar catchment, UK” from the WEFWEBS project. It demonstrates, from a food consumption perspective, the potential of life cycle thinking in understanding the complex and often “hidden” linkages between Food-Energy-Water (FEW) systems. The study evaluates the upstream virtual water and embodied energy in food consumption in the Tamar catchment, South West England. This is useful considering potential unexpected changes in trade under recent global socio-political trends.


10 January 2018

Robert Pell has been successful in his application for the British Council/Newton Fund UK-China Joint Research and Innovation Partnership Fund (PhD Placement Programme). He will visit the Urban Mining group at Tsinghua University from February to November 2018 and develop new links in areas such as life cycle assessment, sustainable minerals sourcing and circular economy. Many congratulations Rob!


05 January 2018

Xiaoyu attended a biannual meeting of the E-IPB project at one of the Chinese partners Zhongli Talesun Solar Co., Ltd, in Shangshu, China. In addition to the usual technical discussions of the project, we also learned a lot about large-scale automated solar PV manufacturing, smart management of solar farms and innovative ways to combine solar technologies with agriculture.


03 January 2018

Xiaoyu visited Shanghai Ocean University and gave a talk about ongoing research on sustainable energy within our group. He also explored ways to build new collaborations with colleagues at Shanghai Ocean University in areas such as marine renewable energy and marine ecosystem services.