Photo of Prof Lars Johanning

Prof Lars Johanning

Professor in Ocean Technology


Telephone: 01326 253730

Prof. Lars Johanning has been involved in research on hydrodynamic related topics for marine structures since 1997. His research included studies on hydrodynamic damping and vortex induced vibration on bluff bodies, loading and dynamic response of a mono-tower in steep and breaking waves, and hydrodynamic studies on station keeping principals for marine renewable devices to improve reliability and cost efficient power capture.
Before joining the Renewable Energy Group at the University of Exeter in September 2007 Prof Lars Johanning was a researcher within the EPSRC sponsored Supergen Marine Consortium, where he undertook the research on mooring systems for floating marine energy converter. Within the Renewable Energy Group he is leading the research within the field of hydrodynamics and marine operations, with the main focus on coupled dynamic response of marine energy converter and its station keeping system in respect of safe station keeping and power conversion efficiency.