Photo of Mr Jon Hardwick

Mr Jon Hardwick

Associate Research Fellow - Postgraduate


Telephone: 01326 371837

I started working at the University of Exeter in 2012 conducting research into turbulent eddies at tidal energy sites. I was working with marine project management specialists at Mojo Maritime on a TSB funded project. The project HiFlo-4 addresses the need for an installation vessel to deploy tidal turbines in the demanding environment of tidal races.

I next worked on the DTOcean project, a large EU FP7 funded project with 19 partner organisation from 16 countries creating a design tool for ocean energy arrays or wave and tidal energy converters.

I am now working as part of the FaBTest site looking after the oceanographic data and providing site users and device developers with research output based on in-situ measurments and model output from the site.

Along side my employment as a research fellow I am currently studying towards my PhD.  Before coming to UoE I studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Bath.