Photo of Mr James Miller

Mr James Miller



Current Research

I am a PhD student covering the topic 'Location, location, location: Strategic planning for renewable energy siting'. This involves using data analysis to calculate the renewable energy resource and GIS software to pinpoint suitable locations for wind and solar installations across the UK. The analysis will take into account many factors including physical, social and environmental constraints to create a dynamic and updatable resource tool. My primary supervisor is Dr Xiaoyu Yan and my secondary supervisor is Dr Ilya Maclean.


Previous experience

I have spent six years working in industry, my experience includes:

  • Wind and solar project development
  • Site finding and resource optimization
  • Energy and financial modelling
  • Project management of solar farm construction
  • Energy storage data analysis



I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter's Cornwall Campus in 2010, receiving an M.Eng in renewable energy.