Photo of Dr Jamie Luxmoore

Dr Jamie Luxmoore

Research Fellow


Jamie is currently working on innovative mooring design and assessment for an aquaculture system as part of the Lobster Grower 2 project. The project is a three year consortium led project aiming to establish a pilot scale lobster farm, field testing a novel sea based container culture and developing an innovative anchoring / mooring system. The project will also develop an aqua-economic model and road map and aims to de-risk farming operations through environmental impact assessment.
His previous work at Exeter involved investigating the performance and reliability of a novel design of mooring system for use with floating Wave Energy Converters. Jamie’s PhD was at Lancaster University studying wave loading on offshore wind turbine support structures with a particular interest in the effects of rogue waves and rogue wave development in bi-directional seas.
Prior to his PhD Jamie’s background was in high speed aerodynamics and the associated structural resonance in military aircraft at BAE SYSTEMS. He has also worked in white goods test and development and his undergraduate degree was in Aeronautical Engineering.