Photo of Dr Gloria Salmoral

Dr Gloria Salmoral

Research Fellow


Gloria is a research fellow on the WEFWEBs project and improve our understanding and hence identifying the interlinked inter-dependencies across the water-energy-food nexus systems across spatiotemporal scales. Previously she worked in Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales (Ecuador) to determine the implications of the country food sovereignty objectives on available water resources. She has also worked in the research projects ‘Water and Food Security in Spain and Latin America’ and ‘Extensions Analysis of the Water Footprint and the Virtual Water Trade’ within the Water Observatory at the Technical University of Madrid. She has experience working in interdisciplinary teams with experts from different scientific disciplines. Her research interests cover integrated water and land management, irrigation water management, ecohydrological modelling and land use change studies. Her professional goal aims to successfully bridge the worlds of land use and water management under changing socio-ecological conditions.