Photo of Ms Faryal Khalid

Ms Faryal Khalid



Faryal developed a keen interest in Offshore Renewable Energy(ORE) during her internship at Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany in Hamburg. As ORE installations demand intensive capital investment, there is often a key focus over reliability and maintenance considerations. Initial experience with ORE installations have emphasised the importance of operational cost for project viability. Hence, a thorough assessment of risk and reliability throughout the lifetime of ORE projects is crucial to establish appropriate reliability targets.

Her project aims to develop and apply methods to assess the key risks over the lifetime of ORE projects. In particular the assessment of reliability target levels and performance and their impact on the economic viability of technologies will be addressed. Her research will combine reliability modelling with specific component testing.

Her work is supervised by Dr. Philipp Thies and Dr. Lars Johanning .

Regarding educational background, she has a Bachelors degree in Earth and Space Sciences (specialising in Oceanography) from Jacobs University Bremen. Her BSc thesis was titled: "Analysis of In Situ Ocean Wave Measurements: A Feature Classification Scheme and its Dependency on Different Sea State Regimes.