Photo of Dr David  Parish

Dr David Parish

Project Manager


Dave studied Mechanical Engineering at Kingston Polytechnic and Loughborough University during the late 1970s / early 1980s.  He then worked as an Engineer and Manager in manufacturing industry for more than 20 years gaining considerable technical and managerial experience.  Specific roles included:

  • Design engineering
  • Production engineering
  • Quality assurance
  • Production and works management

Most of this time in industry was spent in high volume manufacturing processes including diecasting, injection moulding, presswork and automated assembly / testing.

In 2004 he committed to a career change and returned to academic studies at UoE graduating with a 1st class honours degree in Renewable Energy (2007). He has since been employed at UoE as a Research Project Engineer working within the Renewable Energy Group and PRIMaRE, the Peninsula Research Institute for Marine Renewable Energy.

Dave’s work includes the provision of engineering solutions to facilitate the group’s research work, both on land and at sea.  This has included the detailed design of the heavily instrumented South West Moorings Test Facility (SWMTF).  The facility provides unique data progressing the understanding and development of mooring systems for Wave Energy Devices (WECs) and other floating bodies moored in highly energetic sea states.

Having obtained the necessary marine consents for SWMTF, Dave has recently gained further experience in marine consenting by taking the leading role in the consenting of FaBTest, Falmouth Bay’s new Marine Energy Convertor (MEC) test site.  Dave is a member of the BOLT-2-WAVEHUB project team, funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB).  This collaboration led by project owners Fred Olsen Renewables, aims to deploy BOLT 2 at Wavehub after initial trial deployments at FaBTest.

Dave's background in problem solving and innovative design work has led to the on-going development of a novel mooring tether.  This tether which is being developed in partnership with Dr Lars Johanning aims to significantly reduce peak axial loadings in the mooring limbs of highly dynamic floating bodies whilst not compromising the integrity of the load path.

Other notable research contributions include the re-design of moorings for the Seawatch Mini wave buoy cluster.

Dave’s teaching responsibilities lean on his wider capabilities as an energy professional and he leads the Energy Management module delivered to 2nd year Renewable Energy undergraduates.  He also contributes to the Advanced Wind Turbine Design module for 4th year MEng students.