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Dr Daniel Depellegrin

Research Fellow


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Daniel Depellegrin (PhD) is a researcher in the field of integrated geospatial decision-support instruments for Blue Growth and human-environment interactions in coastal and marine realms. I obtained my PhD in Ecological & Environmental Sciences at the Marine Research Centre of Klaipeda University (Lithuania) in 2015. Since 2016 I worked at the National Research Council – Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR; Venice; Italy), first as PostDoc and since 2018 as Researcher. At CNR-ISMAR I worked in the design and development of geospatial decision support system in support Marine Spatial Planning and acceleration of Blue Growth in the Adriatic Sea (e.g. Tools4MSP and Portodimare). Since autumn 2019 he is Research Fellow at the Renewable Energy Group (University of Exeter, UK) working in the FANBEST Project (Funding Atlantic Network in Blue Economy Technology Transfer; INTERREG Atlantic Area. He has over eitght years experience in research projects application and management in various European clusters (INTERREG, H2020, NATO-SPS) and national level applications (RITMARE-Italian Research for the Sea and National Research Funds in Sweden and Lithuania). He is contributor of the Ocean Multi-Use Action Plan and the Conclusion report on stakeholder landscape for Blue Economy support in the Atlantic Region.

Some publications:

Depellegrin D., Venier C., Kyriazi Z., Vassilopoulou V., Castellani C., Ramieri E., Bocci M., Fernandez J., Barbanti A., 2019. Exploring Multi-Use Potentials of the Euro-Mediterranean Sea space. Science of The Total Environment, Volume 653, 25 February 2019, Pages 612-629.

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Drius, M., Bongiorni L., Depellegrin, D., Menegon S., Pugnetti A., Stifter S., 2019. Tackling challenges for Mediterranean sustainable coastal tourism: An ecosystem service perspective. Science of the Total Environment. 652, 1302-1317. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.10.121.

Pinarbasi K., Galparsoro I., Depellegrin D., Bald J., Perez-Moran G., Borja A., 2019. A modelling approach for Offshore Wind Farm Feasibility with respect to Ecosystem-based Marine Spatial Planning. Science of The Total Environment, 667, 306-317. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.02.268.

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Depellegrin D., Menegon S., Farella G., Ghezzo M., Gissi E., Sarretta A., Venier C., Barbanti A., 2017. Multi-objective spatial tools to inform maritime spatial planning in the Adriatic Sea. Science of The Total Environment, Volume 609, 31 December 2017, Pages 1627-1639.

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Depellegrin D., Bla┼żauskas N., Egarter Vigl L., 2014. An integrated visual impact assessment model for offshore wind farm development. Ocean & Coastal Management. Volume 98, September 2014, Pages 95–110.