Staff and students

Academic staff
Dr Mohammad Abusara Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy
Dr Ian Ashton Lecturer in Offshore Technology
Richard Cochrane Director of Education and Senior Lecturer
Dr Peter Connor Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy Policy
Dr Adam Feldman Senior Lecturer (Education & Scholarship)
Dr Justin Hinshelwood Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Kev Hughes Lecturer in Renewable Energy
Professor Lars Johanning Professor of Ocean Technology
Dr Xiaohong Li Senior Lecturer in Energy Storage
Professor Tapas Mallick Professor & Chair in Clean Technologies
Dr Helen C M Smith Lecturer (Education & Research) in Renewable Energy
Dr Senthilarasu Sundaram Lecturer (Education & Research)
Dr Asif Tahir Lecturer (Education & Research)
Dr Philipp Thies Senior Lecturer (Education and Research) in Renewable Energy
Dr Xiaoyu Yan Senior Lecturer in Energy and Environment
Post-doctoral and research fellows
Dr Hasan Baig Research Fellow
Dr Tessa Gordelier Research Fellow
Dr Jamie Luxmoore Research Fellow
Dr Ed Mackay Research Fellow
Dr Sam Weller Research Fellow
Experimental officers and technicians
Robin Blundy Computing Development Officer
Dr Peter Halswell Project Engineer
Dr David Raymond Marine Operations Technician
Atta Ajayebi Postgraduate
Bandar Alfaifi Postgraduate
Adrian Allen Postgraduate
Steven Allsop Postgraduate IDCORE
Hameed Alrashidi Postgraduate
Enrico Anderlini Postgraduate IDCORE
Raffaello Antonutti Postgraduate - IDCORE
Claire Canning Postgraduate IDCORE
Edmund Chan Postgraduate
Yusuf Chanchangi Postgraduate
Robert Clayton Postgraduate IDCORE
Antonella Colucci Postgraduate
Joseph Day Postgraduate
Eimear Deady Postgraduate
Samuel Draycott Postgraduate - IDCORE
Leah Barker Ewart Postgraduate IDCORE
Anna Feichtner Postgraduate
Ciaran Frost Postgraduate IDCORE
Anthony Granville Postgraduate
Anthony Gray Postgraduate - IDCORE
Marco Sepulveda Gutierriez Postgraduate IDCORE
Jon Hardwick Associate Research Fellow - Postgraduate
David Haverson Postgraduate - IDCORE
Ampea Karikari-Boateng Postgraduate - IDCORE
Adeline Loh Postgraduate
Gabriel Marsh Postgraduate - IDCORE
Marco Marta Postgraduate
Rebecca Martin Postgraduate - IDCORE
Scott McKirdy Postgraduate IDCORE
James Miller Postgraduate
Donald Noble Postgraduate IDCORE
Alberto Perez Ortiz Postgraduate - IDCORE
Govinder Pawar Postgraduate
Alice Perrett Postgraduate
Alfonso P. Ramallo-González Postgraduate
Simon Reynolds Postgraduate IDCORE
Giovanni Rinaldi Postgraduate
Prabhakaran Selvaraj Postgraduate
Sunny Shah Postgraduate IDCORE
Katie Shanks Postgraduate
Shivangi Sharma Postgraduate
Idris Hamood Salim Al Siyabi Postgraduate
Michael Smailes Postgraduate - IDCORE
Rachael Smith Postgraduate
Emily Stebbings Postgraduate
David Trudgeon Postgraduate
Habib Ullah Postgraduate
Rich Walker Postgraduate
Finlay Wallace Postgraduate - IDCORE
Jodi Walsh Postgraduate
Laurie Wilkinson Postgraduate - IDCORE
Flora Xanthaki Postgraduate