South West Mooring Test Facility (SWMTF)

The research challenge is to develop a thorough understanding of mooring system behaviour of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) systems in real wave, wind, current and tidal conditions; and to improve computer simulation models and robust design procedures that allow the design of reliable, yet economic mooring systems.

The intention for the SWMTF research facility is to identify uncertainties for moored ORE systems that will respond in a coupled fashion. Instead of using tank tests, prototype installations and numerical analysis to support the design of a WEC, the data gathered from the test facility will be used to calibrate numerical models, enhance the physical understanding of the coupled behaviour and obtain understanding of component loading and deterioration.

Summary of main SWMTF sensors

Sample frequency [Hz]
Multi axis inertial sensing system, ‘MotionPack’
 20 6
Tri-axis Load Cell
 20 9
In-line Load Cell
 20 6
Vishay CEA-06-250UR-350 strain rosettes
 4 6
Tilt-compensated flux-gate compass
 1 1
Temperature sensor
 0.07 1
Trimble 57001-51-46 DGPS RTK rover
 20 digital
WindSonic wind sensor
 4 digital
Aanderaa DCS 4100R velocity sensor
 10 sec averages digital
Aanderaa 3919 conductivity sensor
 15 min averages
 Location and schematic drawing of mooring layout