Each postgraduate student is part of a vibrant, exciting community which is continually achieving in its field.

Postgraduate student life

Postgraduate students are often attracted to the beautiful environment of the South West as well as the research profile of the University and its excellent facilities and postgraduate provision. Here in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, we aim to make each postgraduate student feel welcome and part of a vibrant, exciting community which is continually achieving in its field.

With both campuses situated in the South West of England, you will benefit from the stunning locations and close proximity to the beautiful coast and countryside of Devon and Cornwall that helps provide a laid back place to study and live.

Postgraduate support and resources

All postgraduate students are allocated a personal tutor or a supervisor to guide you throughout your postgraduate degree and we deliberately create a policy of openness and approachability. All postgraduate students can access the postgraduate computer room within the Learning Resources Centre (LRC) on the Cornwall campus - a modern and comfortable study environment which houses the library and IT facilities. All CSM students have access to a separate computer room to support their studies.Furthermore, postgraduate research CSM students will have access to their own workstation within a large communal College study room and are encouraged to use the staffroom facilities to maximise contact with our world-class researchers.

Postgraduate social facilities

We have a lively community of Renewable Energy students who run various social events on the Cornwall campus. Social meetings and events are organised throughout the academic year and provide excellent opportunities for getting to know your fellow students outside of academic work time and most importantly having fun!

We regard the international context as very important to our postgraduate community. Therefore postgraduate students from overseas are encouraged to join the International Society. This organises cultural and social events to welcome international students to Exeter as well as to build bridges between the British and international students’ communities.

Postgraduate students are also often invited to attend conferences and subject-specific seminars in order to not only assist in postgraduate study but to also provide opportunities to interact with experts in their field of interest.

Within each academic building there are communal social areas. In particular, CSM students have access to a separate computer room and are encouraged to use the geology teaching laboratory for out of hours private study. The CSM foyer has a display of mineral specimens and is used as a work area by many students.   Furthermore, social spaces located around ‘The Stannary’ (the refectory) offer comfy seating, large screens, pool tables and hot or cold food and drink, enabling great opportunities for meeting and working with your fellow students.

Your voice as a student

Our academics and students develop strong working relationships over the course of a degree programme, a factor we feel is important to your success.

SSLC: Student-Staff Liaison Committees

Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) are student-run forums for suggestions and feedback to and from the College staff. SSLC's are fairly informal committees, chaired by one of the student representatives, which meets about once a term to discuss a wide range of issues and developments.

SSLCs include representatives from each year and each programme. Their job is to provide a point of contact for the students on their programmes.

MACE: Module and course evaluation

Feedback from students is requested for every module. Module leaders receive this feedback and are required to respond to the scores and comments received via the Annual Module Review process. The responses are subsequently shared with students.

University life and student support

You can find out more about facilities and support available for postgraduate students on the Cornwall campus on the Postgraduate Study website. You can find out more about what life is like for students on the Cornwall campus, together with information about living in Cornwall in the location section of the Postgraduate Study website and  the visiting us pages of the University website.