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  • Morrell S. (2020) Solving the Ubiquitous Problem of Stellar Radii. [PDF]


  • Naylor T, Morrell S. (2019) Exploring the M-dwarf Luminosity - Temperature - Radius Relationships using Gaia DR2. [PDF]


  • Morrell S. (2018) How to build a radio telescope, Astronomy & Geophysics, volume 59, no. 5, pages 5.31-5.32, DOI:10.1093/astrogeo/aty233.
  • Hillenbrand L, Contreras C, Morrell S, Naylor T, Kuhn M, Cutri R, Rebel L, Hodgkin S, Froebrich D, Mainzer A. (2018) Gaia 17bpi: An FU Ori Type Outburst, Astrophysical Journal. [PDF]

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