Photo of  Natalie Whitehead

Natalie Whitehead

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2015)


Telephone: 01392 725018

Extension: (Streatham) 5018

I'm a postgraduate student in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials, and my project is entitled 'Graded Index Magnonics'.

Magnons are the quasiparticles of spin waves, which are the precessional excitations of ordered spins in magnetic materials. The 'Graded Index' aspect of the project refers to how the speed and direction of these spin waves are affected by a non-uniform internal magnetic field. The aim is to use the concepts of graded index photonics and map them onto spin waves, so that the phenomenon can be understood analytically. This work will hopefully lead to a new way to control and manipulate spin waves, making graded index magnonics a promising candidate for use in computing technologies.


Events Attended

August 2017: Magnonics 2017, Oxford (UK)

July 2017: MagIC 2017, Poznan (Poland)

August 2016: JEMS 2016, Glasgow (UK)

June 2016: 2nd International Advanced School on Magnonics 2016, Exeter (UK)

April 2016: IOP Magnetism 2016, Sheffield (UK)

December 2015: IOP Magnetism Winter School 2015, York (UK)

August 2015: Magnonics 2015, Seeon (Germany)


Poster Presentations

"Theory of Spin Wave Emission from a Bloch Domain Wall', JEMS 2016 (winner of a Best Poster award) - [Poster

"Theory of Spin Wave Emission from a Rectangular Anisotropy Defect", IOP Magnetism 2016 - [Poster]

Education & Employment

2008-2011: Trainee Engineer, Ramboll (alongside part time BEng)

2011-2015: MPhys Physics, University of Exeter

2015- : Postgraduate Researcher, University of Exeter CDT Metamaterials


Academic Representation / Outreach Roles:


Coachbright Coach, Isca Academy (Jan-Mar 2016).

Introduction to Research talk, SPIE Primary School visit day (Mar 2016).

Mentor, 'Girls into Physics' day (Dec 2015).

Resonance workshop, Devonport School for Boys (Nov 2015).

Sidmouth Science Festival, University of Exeter Physics and Astronomy stand (Nov 2015).

Initiated CEMPS Youtube Channel Project (2015).

Students’ Guild Joint College Officer (2014-2015).

Student Mentor for the Exeter Mathematics School (2014-2015). 

Mentor for Physics-Medical Imaging Peer Mentoring scheme (2014-2015).

Working Group Member, HEA Strategic Enhancement Programme (2014-2015). 

Numerous 'Girls in Physics' outreach talks in schools (2012-2015).

Café Scientifique talk for Ada Lovelace Day, Sidmouth Science Festival (October 2014). 

Subject Chair (2013-2014), Student Representative (2011-2013) - Student Staff Liaison Committee. 

Science Excite project (October 2013). 




Best Poster Award for poster "Theory of Spin Wave Emission from a Bloch Domain Wall", JEMS 2016.

Nominated for the University of Exeter's  41 Women Campaign 2015

University of Exeter Students Guild: Nominated for 'Exceptional Contribution to the Student Experience' & 'Student Leader(s) of the Year' categories, with joint College Officer Louis Tsiattalou for the Guild Awards 2015

Ogden Trust 'Teach Physics' internship: 'Outstanding Intern of the Year 2014'