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Dr Nikolay Nikolov

Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 726607

Extension: (Streatham) 6607

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CURRENT APPOINTMENT: Research Fellow in Astronomy focused on the characterization of exoplanet atmospheres (2015 – Present)

2012 - 2015    Associate Research Fellow in Astronomy, University of Exeter
2011 - 2012    Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany
2006 - 2007    Physics & Astronomy Instructor at the American College Arcus, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

2007 - 2011    PhD in Astrophysics, Heidelberg University and MPIA-Heidelberg, Germany
2005 - 2007    MSc in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Sofia University, Bulgaria
2001 - 2005    BSc in Physics, Sofia University, Bulgaria

2007 - 2011    International Max-Planck Research School (IMPRS) Fellowship, Heidelberg, Germany
2006    Instructor of the year at the American College Arcus, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
2001 - 2006    Sofia University Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Sofia, Bulgaria
2005    Vatican Observatory Summer School (VOSS) Fellowship, Rome, Italy

Scientific responsibilities held
Membership to the American Astronomical Society (AAS)
Membership to the UK’s ExoMOS instrument initiative
Membership to the HATSouth, Pan-Planets and LAIWO transit surveys

Astronomy journal and funding service
Reviewer for the Bulgarian National Science Foundation (BNSF)
Referee for research funding programme FONDECYT - Chile
Referee for HST and UK’s PATT ING/WHT and INT telescope time proposals
Referee for The ApJ, AJ, MNRAS & Astronomy & Astrophysics

Publications in refereed journals (selected):
• Hubble PanCET: an isothermal day-side atmosphere for the bloated gas-giant HAT-P-32Ab
Nikolov, N., Sing, D. K, Goyal, J. Henry, G. W., et al. (2018), [23 coauthors], MNRAS, 2, 1705

• VLT FORS2 Comparative Transmission Spectroscopy: Detection of Na in the Atmosphere of WASP-39b from the Ground
Nikolov, N., Sing, D. K., Gibson, N., Fortney, J. J., et al. (2016), [7 coauthors], ApJ, 832, 191

• Radial Velocity Eclipse Mapping of Exoplanets
Nikolov, N. & Sainsbury-Martinez, F. (2015), ApJ, 808, 57

• HST hot-Jupiter Transmission Spectral Survey: Haze in the Atmosphere of WASP-6b
Nikolov, N., Sing, D. K., Burrows, A. S., Fortney, J. J, et al. (2015), [17 coauthors], MNRAS, 447, 463

• Hubble Space Telescope hot Jupiter Transmission Spectral Survey: a Detection of Na and Strong Optical Absorption in HAT-P-1b
Nikolov, N., Sing, D. K., Pont, F., Burrows, A. S., (2014), [18 coauthors], MNRAS, 437, 46

• Refined physical properties and g’,r’,i',z',J,H,K transmission spectrum of WASP-23b from the ground
Nikolov, N., Chen, G., Fortney, J. J., Mancini, L., et al. (2013), [7 coauthors], A&A, 553, 26

• WASP-4b Transit Observations with GROND
Nikolov, N., Henning, Th., Koppenhoefer, J., Lendl, M., et al. (2012), [5 coauthors], A&A, 539, 159

2 co-author Nature:
• A stratosphere in an ultra-hot gas giant exoplanet
Evans, T. M., Sing, D. K., Kataria, T., Goyal, J., Nikolov, N., et al., (2017), [27 coauthors], Nature, 548, 58

• A continuum from clear to cloudy hot-Jupiter exoplanets without primordial water depletion
Sing, D. K., Fortney, J. J., Nikolov, N., et al. (2015), [22 coauthors], Nature, 529, 59

1 co-author Science:
• HAT-P-26b: A Neptune-mass exoplanet with a well-constrained heavy element abundance
Wakeford, H. R., Sing, D. K., Kataria, T., Deming, D., Nikolov, N., et al. (2016), [16 coauthors], Science, 356, 628