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Mr Matthew Barnes



Obtained MPhys in Physics with Australian study from University of Exeter (2013) with dissertation entitled 'Hybrid graphene-quantum dot phototransistors with UV photo-detection' in the group of Prof. Saverio Russo. Currently working towards a PhD in the Centre for Graphene Science under the supervision of Prof. Monica Craciun and Prof. David Wright. My research interests are broad and cover the growth, functionalisation and integration of graphene and 2D materials in flexible electronic devices for logic, data storage and sensing applications. Recent collaborations include participation in the collaborative EU funded CareRAMM project looking at carbon materials for next generation data storage.



V. K. Nagareddy, M. D. Barnes, F. Zipoli, K. T. Lai, A. M. Alexeev, M. F. Craciun and C. D. Wright Multilevel Ultrafast Flexible Nanoscale Nonvolatile Hybrid Graphene Oxide–Titanium Oxide Memories, ACS Nano (2017)

A. De Sanctis, M. D. Barnes, I. Amit, M. F. Craciun and S. Russo Functionalised hexagonal-domain graphene for position-sensitive photodetectors, Nanotechnology (2017)

A. M. Alexeev, M. D. Barnes, V. K. Nagareddy, M. F. Craciun and C. D. Wright A simple process for the fabrication of large-area CVD graphene based devices via selective in situ functionalization and patterning, 2D Materials (2016)

T. H. Bointon, M. D. Barnes, S. Russo, M. F. Craciun High Quality Monolayer Graphene Synthesized by Resistive Heating Cold Wall Chemical Vapor Deposition, Advanced Materials (2015)

M. F. Craciun, I. Khrapach, M. D. Barnes, S. Russo Properties and applications of chemically functionalized graphene, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (2013)



Invited talk & poster - EMN 3GC Meeting 2016, 4-8th September, San Sebastian, Spain. "The growth of graphene single and polycrystalline films for advanced applications" & "Flexible & transparent graphene-based touch-sensing"

Poster - Graphene Canada 2015, 14th-16th October, Montreal, Canada. "Flexible and transparent graphene-based capacitive touch Sensing"

Invitied talk & poster - XIV Brazil MRS Meeting 2015, 27th September - 1st October, Rio de Janiero, Brazil. "High quality monolayer graphene by cold wall chemical vapor deposition"



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