Photo of Mr Miguel Camacho Aguilar

Mr Miguel Camacho Aguilar

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2015)


Telephone: 01392 725018

Extension: (Streatham) 5018

Born and raised in Sevilla, in the south of Spain, I completed my B.Sc. in Physics at the University of Seville obtaining a First Class honor degree (GPA of 97/100). I also spent one summer at DESY in Hamburg, working on accelerator physics.

During my last year of undergraduate I was recipient of the Collaboration grant from the spanish Ministry of Education to join the Microwaves Group at the University of Seville being supervised by Prof. Rafael Rodríguez Boix. Using MoM, we studied the effects produced by the truncation of a FSS (in our case slots perforated on a metallic screen) on the extraordinary transmission phenomena already widely studied by the electromagnetics community. The results were part of my Bachelor thesis, that was marked with a Distinction by the tribunal members (which president was the IEEE Fellow, Prof. Francisco Medina Mena). Further work on this led to the publication of my first peer-reviewed article in the journal Physical Review E, which can be accessed here.

I am currently part of the Electromagnetic and Acoustic Materials Group here at Exeter, where my first piece of work was focused on the transmission of microwaves through sub skin-depth metal layers. To achieve such transmission we surrounded the thin metal layer with resonant arrays of patches, which provide a very low angle dependence when the gaps between the elements are kept to a minimum. In addition to this, we were able to provide a very efficient method to design such structures using an equivalent circuit which outperformed any finite element method-based solver (such as COMSOL) due to the massive aspect ratio of the thin layer. This work has been published in Applied Physics Letters and can be also accessed here.

In the past few months my work has been focused on the finite size effects for the case of metasurfaces, which are very thin periodic structures which support the propagation of surface modes and also in the modelling of non-periodic finite structures.

You can find my complete list of publications here.

Awards and Honors
  • San Alberto Magno prize to the best academic record 2011-2015.

  • Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla Award.

  • End of studies extraordinary award of the University of Seville.

  • Sevilla City Hall award.

Conference Presentations
  • Miguel Camacho, A. P. Hibbins, and J. R. Sambles “Resonant transmission through thin metal layers using two dimensional arrays” Poster at Exeter Microwave Metamaterials Meeting (XM3), Exeter, UK December 2015
  • Miguel Camacho, A. P. Hibbins, and J. R. Sambles “Microwave effective conductivity of very sub wavelength holey metal films” Poster at MAST STC Defence Materials Forum, Exeter, UK May 2015
  • Miguel Camacho, A. P. Hibbins, and J. R. Sambles “Resonant transmission through thin metal layers using two dimensional arrays” Oral Presentation at CIMTEC, Italy. June 2016
  • Miguel Camacho, R.R. Boix, F. Medina, A. P. Hibbins, and J. R. Sambles “Efficient Analysis of Extraordinary Transmission Through Metallic Screens Perforated With Finite Periodic Arrays of Slots” Poster at IWMbD 2016, Riva del Garda, Italy. December 2016

My work has been also presented at

  • Miguel Camacho, R.R. Boix, and F. Medina “Application of the Method of Moments to the analysis of extraordinary transmission through finite periodic arrays of slots in conducting screens”, Presentation by R.R. Boix at XI Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics. Las Caldas (Asturias). 2016