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Michelle Bieger

Postgraduate Researcher


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Born in Germany, raised in America and China. I completed my undergraduate degree in September 2018 at the University of Hertfordshire; earning an MPhys (Hons) with an upper 2:1. 

During my undergraduate degree, I used my third and fourth year projects to deepen my understanding of atmospheric physics; with my final thesis titled, "Determining the Dust Concentration of Mixed Dust/Pollution Plumes from Lidar Measurements in East Asia." The dissertation investigated the nature of aerosols in the atmosphere with second supervisor Dr. Boyan Tatarov. Whilst his lidar team used a self-contained lidar GUI to process and analyse data from their lidar, I pulled that data and analysed the various outputs from the lidar equation in Python. Analysing each output separately enabled me to build a better understanding of how dust interacts in the atmosphere, and how to create self-contained Python code from the ground-up. Along the way, I learned the design and operating principles of lidar.

Other research projects I was involved in included: 

  • Data analysis of elemental abundances of dwarf spheroidal galaxies in the local group, with Dr Chiaki Kobayashi and Dr Gabriele Cescutti
  • Optimising model of brown dwarf atmospheres, with Dr Ben Burningham

Currently my research interests are in characterising exoplanet atmospheres.