Photo of Mr Lewis Ireland

Mr Lewis Ireland



I am currently an astrophyiscs PhD student, working with Matthew Browning, researching stellar structure and evolution, in particular how these are affected by magnetic fields and rotation. I have experience in 1D stellar structure evolution modelling, 2D spectral hydrodynamical and 3D magnetohydrodynamical numerical simulations.

Rotation and magnetism are both known to influence convection: the velocities, temperature gradients, and spatial structure that prevail in a magnetised, rotating flow are generally different to those without these mechanisms.

My project aim is to calibrate a mixing length theory (MLT) parameter in 1D models to mimic inhibitive effects, e.g., rotation and magnetism, on convective heat transport, through modified MLT prescriptions and comparison with 3D convection simulations. I monitor how the entropy content and radius of a star is sensitive to these changes, and whether they account for radii discrepancies between low-mass observations and standard 1D models.


  • Ireland, L.G., Browning, M.K. 2018, "The Radius and Entropy of a Magnetized, Rotating Fully-Convective Star: Analysis With Depth-Dependent Mixing Length Theories", ApJ (submitted Jan 2018)