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Dr Lauren E Barr

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (TEAM-A)


Telephone: 01392 726518

Extension: (Streatham) 6518

I completed a Masters Degree in Queen's University Belfast in 2014, where my main area of interest was in alternative plasmonic materials, and the application of plasmonic devices in Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording.

I studied for my PhD at the University of Exeter from 2014-2018 under the supervision of Euan Hendry and Alastair Hibbins. I focused particularly on chiral electromagnetic near-fields and their interactions in microwave metamaterials.

Since finishing my PhD, I have been working as a postdoctoral research fellow in TEAM-A in Exeter. I am currently developing improved THz imaging systems, with potential applications in security, materials characterisation and biomedical imaging.

My Twitter and LinkedIn profiles can be found here!